Can you play Boneworks On Oculus Hunt without a PC?

Developer Anxiety Level Zero’s Boneworks is a hit virtual reality title that landed on many different PC VR cans in 2019. Seeing the game supported on Oculus Rift along with the more recent model Rift S, a lot of Oculus Quest owners have been wondering when it might be their turn to get in on most of the physics-based fun. Even though it’s likely to operate Boneworks on PC and display it through the Quest, those without the necessary hardware have been left asking:”Would you play with Boneworks on Oculus Quest without a PC? ”

Can you play Boneworks on Oculus Quest without Link or Virtual Desktop?

Inside this guide, we’ll allow you to know whether or not Boneworks can be performed on Oculus Quest without using an Oculus Link cable or even wireless PC streaming.


Unfortunately, because no dedicated port of Boneworks has been released for Oculus Quest, there is no way to play it natively on Facebook’s standalone VR headset. If you would like to play with Boneworks on Quest, then you are going to have to run the game on a PC and then utilize Oculus hyperlink or Wi-Fi streaming to make it available from the Oculus Quest head-mounted display (HMD).

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That having been said, it is not bad news for Quest owners without a PC. Stress Level Zero verified that it is working on”bringing ​Boneworks’ mechanics and core systems to Oculus Quest” within an official Oculus blog post. Even though the game isn’t Boneworks itself, this”all-new project” tentatively referred to as Project 4 will build upon that which has been achieved with the first VR experience.

There is no doubt exciting news for anybody searching for a standalone Boneworks Oculus Quest encounter, with more information on Project 4 expected to drop later in 2020.


  • No, in order to play Boneworks on Oculus Quest you’ll have to utilize a PC.
  • Plans haven’t been announced regarding a dedicated Boneworks Oculus Quest port.
  • The developer is working to “bring Boneworks​’ mechanics and core systems to Oculus Quest” in the form of the all-new Project 4.
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