Is the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Copying Glitch Timid To Do?

A brand new Animal Crossing: New Horizons duplication glitch was discovered, and it comes concerns about becoming banned or having sport permanently broken. Comes in items. In comparison to the harness which arrived before, the brand new chalk glitch is complex, requiring multiple steps to be performed properly. If you are thinking about doing the glitch yourself, here is your answer to”Is your Animal Crossing: New Horizonsduplication glitch safe to do?”

Is it safe to do the Animal Crossing: New Horizons item duplication glitch?

As you might imagine, the new Animal Crossing: New Horizons duplication glitch has some risks. Firstly, it an exploit which the developers weren’t aware of. Obviously the devs did not want players receiving an unfair edge and duplicating items.


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Secondly, while the previous duplication glitch functioned without many reported problems, this new dupe exploit has resulted in players claiming that items are going missing, deleted out of the world.

It gets deleted, and imagine trying to duplicate your prizes Shark Model, which can be valued at 45,000 Bells and disappears forever. That would obviously suck.

You should think about the game’s terms of service to make sure you are not breaking any rules as is always the case with those things. You should think about your own enjoyment of this game. Will duplicating items ruin the fun for yourself? And finally, there is the possible game-breaking results, with things going missing or items.

The newest Animal Crossing: New Horizons duplication glitch remains relatively new and there has not been much testing performed. It’s possible that there are effects of using this glitch.

We at GameRevolution advocate playing the game glitch-free, avoiding.

We expect Nintendo to spot the brand new Query glitch with upgrade 1.2.1, or shortly afterwards.

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