Pokémon Go attention hour features dallier for May 5

On Tuesday, Pokémon Go includes a Spotlight hour Every week. The event occurs at 6:00pm and goes until 7:00pm on your timezone.

For May 5, Pokémon Go will comprise Shellder during this function. If you catch a Shellder for grabbing the Pokémon, you can expect to get twice as much Stardust. You might expect to find a considerable rise in additional, while Shellder will grow more frequent through the event.

Shellder is a Water-type Pokémon. It evolves when you have 50 candies. For those keen to have a hitter for the Good or Ultra League, Cloyster at the degree for these events could do decently to round out your roster. It’s an attack of 186, a defense of 256, also the endurance of 137. Its move sets include avalanche and frost breath, ice blizzard and shard, and breath and hydro pump.


Shellder has an edition that is shiny that is accessible. For people who wish to test your chance to acquire a version of Shellder, then be certain that you jump int Pokémon Proceed at 6:00pm your time. The occasion lasts for one hour. Reach out prior to the big event to send presents to get Balls and berries that will assist your chances raise throughout the Spotlight occasion to you.

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