When is the PUBG Mobile Season 13 Free Date?


While Season 12 is coming to an end, plenty of you are wondering”When is your PUBG Mobile Season 13 launch date?” In this guide, we’ll let you in on when you can anticipate the PUBG Mobile Season 13 begin time to be. Keep reading to discover when you should have the ability to play Season 13 of PUBG Mobile, along with a couple of leaked aspects of the upcoming new year.

When is the PUBG Mobile Season 13 release date?

The PUBG Mobile Season 13 release date should be approximately May 12, 2020. The PUBG Mobile Season 12 date needs to be May 11, 2020, because you can see if searching through its Royale Pass. According to this, we should be playing through Season 13 of PUBG Mobile either later that day or a day later on May 12. Don’t be surprised when it releases a little later on May 13, 2020, nevertheless. It can take a few days to get a brand new Season to launch in a game.


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When Season 13 should start, without an announcement we can’t say for sure. We will, naturally, update this manual in the event the Season 13 launch date is confirmed and different from the May 12, 2020, date we have given.

The PUBG Mobile Season 13 begin time may be 12 May 12, 2020, in your region. Again, it’s uncertain just when Season 13 will begin in PUBG Mobile without official confirmation. All we know is that Season 12 is set to end on May 11. As of writing, we are going to have to wait and see precisely when Season 13 starts.

Season 13 of PUBG Mobile should work in much the exact same manner as it did in Season 12. This means that we’ll have a Royale Pass to play , with plenty of makeup and the like to unlock through leveling up through the Tiers.

What’s within the Season 13 Royale Pass, however, is anybody’s guess at this time. A couple of leaks have indicated that the theme for Season 13 will soon be along the lines of”toys playground” This should include toy-like skins for you to unlock and equip. We’ll find out shortly when Season 13 releases.

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