Epic Games Store Adds Automatic Refunds

The Epic Games Store has been updated with a new pair of features, some of them long-awaited and fairly essential in this day and age, others less relevant. The greatest addition are the automated updates, which are on par with those offered by Steam. EGS is still a ways from creating a dent in Steam’s monopoly, but this really is a step in the right direction.

Epic Games Store Adds Automatic Refunds

If you have played the game for under two weeks, and it has not been over two weeks since your purchase, your refund request will be accepted by a script.\What’s more, if you buy the game at full price and it goes on sale soon afterwards, you are going to get a refund if you ask for this, which means you are able to purchase it at the lower price (the two-hour, two-week thing applies here as well).


They have also made deals with Green Man Gaming, Fanatical and Genba Digital, so as to permit keyless third-party earnings. This means you’ll have the ability to link up your EGS accounts with accounts on those 3 stores and purchase games on EGS through them, without needing to activate a key. Also, without the potential for abuse digital keys seem to generate.

EGS currently supports five extra monies (CAD, AUD, SEK, DKK, NOK) as well as bandwidth throttling. The following update will concentrate on implementing a mod browser and manager to the client, along with the most useless thing that ever occurred to videogames — achievements.

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