Terraria New Vanity Items – Vanity Contest Winner Sets

here was recently a vanity thing competition in the Terraria forums. A bunch of individuals designed vanity thing sets, and the remainder of the community voted on their favorites. The 3 winners were assumed to be added to the game for all to enjoy. In the long run, the programmers decided to add two more, because they adored the designes so muchbetter. Considering that the Journey’s End upgrade is live now, a number of individuals have been wondering why ways to get new vanity things in Terraria, and that is what this guide will show you.


Terraria Vanity Contest Winner Item Sets — How to GetHow to get brand new vanity items?

It is possible to see what the winning layouts look here, and we are likely to explain them under, if you do not have the opportunity to click the link and check out the images yourself. I guess that’s the something that’s been on everyone’s mind lately. It’s a plain robe with a fur collar and an antelope skull as a helmet, using blue fires surrounding the head. In third position, we have the Classic Traveler by DisRicardo, an eldritch horror in all but name — there’s horns, tentacles, blinking eyes in which there ought to be none, and much more.

The additional two, those picked by the developers would be the Floret Protector by yikescloud, a hazmat suit full of soil, with a flower rather than a head in the helmet, and Capricorn by R-MK, a white, gold and turquoise costume using a ram’s head helmet and a mermaid tail instead of legs.

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