Legacy of Kain Remake In Development With a Focus On Adventure And Environmental Puzzles

Legacy of Kain series has been dormant and it’s one of the IPs owned by Square Enix. They might have plans to bring it back according to these rumors.

Bluepoint Games are one of the most respected studios in regards to remaking classic games and they’ve largely worked with Sony Interactive Entertainment.

They are currently rumored to work on a Demon’s Souls remake for PS4. But it appears they could have something additional in evolution along with the remake.

As per a different rumor which was shared on 4chan. They have several projects in development including a Jak and Daxter Trilogy for PS4 and more interesting, a Legacy of Kain remake for Square Enix. It’s scheduled for a release in 2021, if we go by this rumor. Here is what the leaker had to say regarding this movie.


“Legacy of Kain Remake is a job that Bluepoint are pursuing due to the collaboration with Square Enix.
The Remake has the main objective of re-proposing . The plot of the original game in a very loyal manner, but in precisely the exact same period of reimagining its gameplay at a contemporary key.

Square Enix’s objective is to bring it closer to a system similar to today’s Souls games. But keeping its adventure game focus and also keeping the environmental puzzles.

A project that Bluepoints team particularly care for, and which is getting specialized results very similar to those acquired by Shadow of the Colossus, using a really evocative adventure of the environment of the match.”

As it stands with these rumors or leaks, we must take them with a grain of salt. Square Enix has emphasized the significance of their older IPs and it’s likely that. They may bring back Legacy of Kain someday, but we won’t know for certain until an official announcement happens.

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