Secret Government iOS/APK Full Version Free Download

Secret Government iOS/APK Full Version Free Download

Secret Government iOS/APK Full Version Free Download

Secret Government is a grand strategy game about a secret society. Staying concealed, they’ve been ruling humanity for centuries.

Your function won’t only direct a specific nation or area, but the Brotherhood — a centuries-old organization that is effective from the shadows and manipulates the whole world.

Pull the strings of destiny as you affect the current and future on a worldwide scale, reconstructing the entire world to your own liking.

Strategically manage your representatives since they run errands in various areas and infiltrate government associations to strip nations of the resources and grab control of decision-makers. Your options will alter the internal and international policies of nations.

An urge for power and prosperity isn’t the one thing that pushes the Brotherhood. It tries to get a complete rebuilding of the planet.

Starting in the 17th century, you get started producing your own history, in which in every assignment of this game, you’ll interfere in the primary battle of a definite period.

Get involved in the Glorious Revolution in England, in which you confront a hostile secret association with methods like yours but with aims entirely different; or affect the battle of those colonies for independence from the British rule at the”New World” and determine the destiny of the American Revolution.

Gradually and carefully in order not to increase awareness of your clout in each country, Otherwise you’ll be exposed and shed the degree of influence already obtained.

There’ll be many diplomatic, military, and economic activities available. Pay careful attention to the national politics of every country. If the ruling party’s ideology is quite different from the perspectives of different classes and estates, if tax rates are too large and people order too low, then anticipate a revolution. Or perhaps this is what you search for?

You cannot impose your will on the principles — your manipulations from the sport are indirect. You don’t have the capability to purchase a monarch to declare war on a neighboring nation. Still, you can plant your own representatives in the ideal places, provoke corrosion in relationships by indirect activities, organize a boundary event and bring the states to a military battle.


We expect you will spend many fun hours researching the way the planet operates with Secret Government! Connect the Brotherhood!

Key Features

* Rewrite History — By the 17th century to the modern-day, by the Glorious Revolution to the War of Independence, each assignment will drop players to major international conflicts, tasking them with manipulating the results to function the Brotherhood’s aspirations.

* Perform Your Pawns — The planet’s most powerful figures — from federal rulers to military superpowers — are but only pawns for you. Learn how to control their complicated AI machinations since you leverage their special skills to form the world to your own requirements.

* Indirect Impact — Why should you’ve got to do the heavy lifting of accomplishing your own diplomatic, economic, and militaristic ambitions? Plant your agents and coerce other people to do your bidding over 50 kinds of activities meant to upend the entire world’s equilibrium in your favor when keeping your hands clean.

* Manipulate a Living Earth — From ideologies to societal courses, taxes to civic unrest, the sphere of Secret Government includes hundreds of interconnected sociopolitical systems which efficiently simulate a believable and reactionary world. While world leaders attempt to keep the status quo, how will you destabilize the system and activate global shift?

* You Are Not Alone from the Shadows — Slimming a hostile secret business that is not reluctant to control their way to the history books, create every single action and choice count to outthink the competition and keep your hard-earned secrecy and degree of infiltration in the shadows.

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Secret Government iOS/APK Full Version Free Download
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