Ravenland PC Game Download For Free

Ravenland PC Game Download For Free

Ravenland PC Game Download For Free

Ravenland PC Game Download For Free


Ravenland is a challenging, deck-building, roguelike card game. Explore the forest and make deals with the ancients. For a better chance at success, you can unlock cards and traits with the different heroes—three different heroes with different card sets. Every run is unique because of the Hero, Card and Card upgrades. You can also use the deck as a resource. Every time you shuffle it, your character gains one insanity buff, which increases the cards’ costs. For a better chance of success, unlock cards and upgrade your town. Dynamic difficulty levels (Some action effects difficulty level that changes the power of monsters but also affects your rewards).

You play the role of BUD (Botanical Utility Droids), a robot who is on a mission to save his planet by harvesting seeds from an alien plant. BUD will find a wonderful world of floating islands home to extraordinary animals and plants on his journey. You can grow the giant plant and then use your climbing skills to climb higher. But be careful; one wrong move could mean a long way down.


Growing: Ride and guide the giant alien plant while you make your own paths in the sky. You can climb on everything you grow. It can be used as a bridge or safety net or as an artistic tool. Exploration: Find and collect crystals to enhance BUD’s abilities as you explore every corner of the alien planet. It’s a physical playground, and many alien plants have unique properties that will help you in your quest. You can perfect your strategy: All enemy attacks must be telegraphed using minimal, turn-based combat. You can analyze the attack of your opponent and devise the perfect counter for every turn. Build the UltimateMech: Create powerful new weapons and pilots to fight the Vek invasion on Corporate-Nation islands.

Ravenland Free Download:

  1. Three heroes with different card sets.
  2. Unlock cards and upgrade
  3. Dynamic difficulty levels

System requirements

1:: Operating System:: Windows XP/7/8/8./10.
2:: Processor: 2.0 GHz
3 :: Ram :: 2 GB RAM
4:: DirectX: Version 9.0
5:: Graphics:: Nvidia or ATI DirectX9 Compatible Graphics Card
6 :: Space Storage:: 1 GB space





Ravenland PC Game Download For Free
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