PlayStation Plus new free games include more than 1000 hours of game play

PlayStation Plus new free games include more than 1000 hours of game play

PlayStation Plus new free games include more than 1000 hours of game play


PlayStation Plus is the gift that never stops giving to people who sign up to the PlayStation Plus subscription, or at least for the main portion.

Every month, members get access to an assortment of games to play, no matter if they subscribe to one of the PlayStation Plus Essential, Extra, or Premium levels. Naturally, the more expensive the level you are subscribed to, the greater number of games you can play and the more benefits you receive.

As an example, PS Plus Essential is the exact same program before a revision in 2022 offering a few selections of games per month and internet gaming, discounts as well as bonus DLC. In contrast, PS Plus Extra offers everything included in the Essential level, and includes more PS5 as well as PlayStation 4 games available. In the Premium tier You’ll receive everything offered in the two previous premium tiers but also with more PS1, PS2, PS3 as well as PSP games in addition to cloud streaming as well as trials.

In the past few days, the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium September 2023 games were revealed and include some excellent fun games, particularly if you’re an avid player of RPGs. This month’s selections being very RPG-focused It’s only natural for subscribers to have longer hours of entertainment to get lost in.

In accordance to “How Long to Play’ the top titles that have many hours of playtime to provide are NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 with an estimated duration of 68 hours, Star Ocean: The Divine Force with an estimated time to complete of 81 hours, as well as Star Ocean: Integrity and faithlessness which has an estimated completion time of around 117 hours.

Additionally, thanks to the selection of games for strategy that are included with PS Plus September 2023, these hours have been granted an extra boost because of Sid Meier’s Civilization VI (308 hours) as well as Planet Coaster: Console Edition (77 hours). On top of that, based on those games within the Premium and Extra level, players can look forward to at least 1000 hours of gaming fun.

But, if you sign up to the Premium tier which contains classic games that were released in the PS1 as well as PSP the past, as well as titles that are part of Star Ocean, the Star Ocean series as well as Dragon’s Crown and 500hours of gameplay will be added to the total.

We almost did not know about The three games that are included within the Essential tier. Three games are part of PS Plus Essential September 2023 include Saints Row (47 hours), Black Desert: Travelers Edition (68 hours) and Generation Zero (87 hours) that add up to an additional 200 hours. When we take the anticipated hours of gameplay of all three PlayStation Plus tiers, subscribers are expected to play for an astounding 1 700 hours of gameplay. Yikes!

In another related story, Sony has recently hiked the price of their PlayStation Plus subscription service, which has not received well among the gaming gamers. However, subscribers will be able to avail the no-cost DLC packs regardless of price tier.


PlayStation Plus new free games include more than 1000 hours of game play
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