Xbox Series X to copy the best PlayStation feature, with insider leaks

Xbox Series X to copy the best PlayStation feature, with insider leaks

Xbox Series X to copy the best PlayStation feature, with insider leaks


No matter if you’re into PC, Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo this is the perfect opportunity to become a gaming fan.

Contrary to video game consoles of years ago, today consoles offer more than devices to play the latest films. If you’re looking to stream movies, stream content listen to music or surf the internet, the current Video Game Console is an amazing feature.

The Xbox 360 was launched in 2005, it revolutionized the gaming experience for a number of reasons. It was not just that the gaming experience taken to an entirely new level it also became an audio and video machine. But the introduction of Achievements transformed the way gamers viewed the end of their game.

In addition to completing the story, or unlocking the various extras Gamers loved listening to the sound of Achievement popping when they worked towards the ultimate Gamerscore. In reality, however, a Gamerscore could later surpass 1000 after the announcement of content or DLC upgrades.

It will take Valve (on the Steam platform) as well as Sony some of years to get caught with their own version of Achievements and Trophies. Alongside introducing an award system for most gaming, Sony took it one step forward and awarded PlayStation players with the highly coveted Platinum trophy that truly demonstrates an achievement 100% achievement.

In the moment of our writing, those who reach 1000 Gamerscores in Xbox aren’t able to get an award for Platinum. Maybe the nearest Xbox players will get to getting a Platinum award is an animation with diamonds and a distinctive sound if an exclusive Achievement could not be not available. However, this could soon change, as per an industry insider.

According to a report revealed via ComicBook through Jez Corden of The Xbox Two podcast, Microsoft may come up with their own variation of the Platinum trophy. Corden says that following a conversation about the matter with an Xbox executive during Gamescom earlier this month, the Achievement game will soon get a makeover and may even have its own version of the Platinum trophy. Unfortunately, no additional information was provided, and just like any rumours or speculation, it is best to be sure to take these rumours with a grain of salt until they are proven to be true.

We hope that since the cat’s sort of out of the bag Microsoft may reveal more within the next couple of months. We’re confident that it will be a wildly highly-rated feature for Achievement hunters. According to the saying, keep an eye on this for more.


Xbox Series X to copy the best PlayStation feature, with insider leaks
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