Hogwarts Legacy major update is getting hammered by furious followers

Hogwarts Legacy major update is getting hammered by furious followers

Hogwarts Legacy’s major update is getting hammered by furious followers


Legacy is getting its most significant update since it was began its launch last year, but the fans aren’t thrilled with the changes coming.

The Harry Potter RPG was one of the most popular video games this year. So when it was announced that Hogwarts Legacy was getting free DLC during the summer, the expectations were extremely high.

Today, the developer Avalanche Software confirmed that we’ll be in a position to download the latest Hogwarts Legacy update in the coming week. It will include an exciting new mode which people have been eagerly looking forward to seeing.

However, beyond that, I’d like to state that the new update caused fans to feel somewhat dissatisfied.



In addition to a brand new photo mod e as well as a new photo mode, the brand new mode for the photographyaunted Hogsmede DLC quest – earlier only available on PlayStation will now be accessible to every platform. There are also brand new mount skins the addition of Harry Potter glasses, and some fresh clothes.

“This is it? posted on Twitter. “All this time and the only thing we’re actually getting is the Photo Mode and a couple of new outfits?”

Another comment added: “That’s all? After all this wait? No Ng+. No quidditch. Photo mode that should have been there in the beginning. Haunted Hogsmeade quest that’s already available for PS players. Some useless cosmetics. Let me uninstall asap.”

It’s worthwhile to mention that the group that is behind Hogwarts Legacy did try and establish, expectations regarding the update to summer a few weeks back, however, the,at isn’t stopping people who support the fans from making their opinions expressed.

One feature that players were looking forward to seeing added to this game is New Game Plus, and there is no doubt that the absence of this specific feature is confusing, especially when the goal of the update is to get players returning to enjoying Hogwarts Legacy again.

At present, we don’t have any information on whether there will be any more Hogwarts Legacy DLC available on the horizon, whether paid or not. Keep an eye on this page for any developments.

Hogwarts Legacy major update is getting hammered by furious followers
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