Final Fantasy 7 Sells 12.3 Million Units Worldwide

Square Enix is bringing Final Fantasy 7 back in epic fashion with next year’s remake. The RPG that is original nevertheless has some numbers that are impressive though. It was declared that considering releasing in 1997 for its PlayStation One, Final Fantasy 7 has marketed over 12.3 million units worldwide. This download amounts and includes shipments that are packaged.

Final Fantasy 7 was a big hit in the PS One age and could Also arrive for different programs like Xbox One, PS4 PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android. Though many disagreement on if it is the best in the series or not, Final Fantasy 7 certainly raised the franchise to new heights in launch. Will that trend repeat with the movie?

Talking of that, to celebrate Halloween, Square Enix released a screenshot to get Final Fantasy 7 Remake Showcasing the monstrous”Ghosts.” And yes, they surely look scarier Than when they appeared in Midgar way back. Final Fantasy 7 Remake is outside on March 3rd 2020 to get PS4.

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