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Three years after the arrival of a first scene as brilliant as it is dangerous, Borderlands 2 download is back on HD and PC! or then again the joy of fanatics of activity and second degree. In 2009, the first scene enabled us to go looking for an extraterrestrial Ark brimming with treasures on the secretive Pandora planet. Dove into a hardhearted dystopian far west! Likewise, player could encapsulate 4 very surprising characters to butcher the companions of hungry outlaws or critters who hindered them.

Long, anxious and very much done, Borderlands immediately turned into a shocker of decision for FPS fans tired of remembering for the twelfth time in World War II. Continually safeguarding a good natured Western world compromised by unpleasant obsessive psychological oppressors. Here, no incredible standards, misleading profound quality or more all no politically right! The occupants of Pandora are for the most part more insane than each other, we swear, we drink! The main objective of our tracker of the Ark is essentially to enhance oneself by taking out each one of the individuals who need to forestall it.

Borderlands 2 Game

Find higher level guns

While we thought we had seen everything Pandora in the original episode, game Borderlands 2 allows us to survey a host of new areas in new environments. From the Arctic tundra in which we make our first weapons, to the meadow through caves riddled with traps. Therefore, is something to see of the country, especially as the total playing area is considerably larger than formerly.

Of course, the scenery beautifully made that we will see is full of looters, psychopaths and other monsters thirsting for blood. In addition, to skags and bandits, the player will this time have the pleasure of facing new opponents such as huge monkey Garogos, cruel Rovers or Hyperion robots. After that, good news, their intelligence has been greatly improved so that they are able to interact with each other! Above all, most gunfights now have a real tactical dimension.

Powerful and satisfying weapons

It will not be played in the same way as in 2009. The assassin, formidable in hand to hand, also has little to do with Mordecai. In conclusion, his famous familiar even if we find for example the same affinity for long distance shooting. Last but not least, it is now possible to customize the appearance of our characters and vehicles in every detail! Which is not luxury when we remember the lack of options that were once available in this domain. However, despite Gearbox Software’s efforts to renew the gaming experience, Borderlands 2 Free PC remains so close to its predecessor that an untrained user could almost be mistaken. No striking gameplay mechanism has emerged and with a few exceptions, how to use our equipmentis almost the same as before.

The interface

Along these lines, you will likewise be all the more free of your developments in opened regions, which are my confidence expansive, delightful and fascinating to find. Bear in mind to take a vehicle for that. All things considered, it functions admirably for pursues and battling, yet to make a basic U-turn, it’s a genuine cerebral pain. Similarly, little beam of daylight at any rate, it’s somewhat less demanding to console/mouse on PC cushion. In coop, the formula is the equivalent and it’s a disgrace. Regardless of whether we have not possessed the capacity to play many individuals! It is sufficient to take a gander at the ability trees of the considerable number of characters to understand. The aptitudes are distressfully deficient with regards to cooperative energy.


The class abilities

Goodness, there is something to sparkle as a group: some hardware additionally support that. However, the amusement does not offer whatever should be possible explicitly to 2, 3, or even 4. It would have been extremely pleasant, and we could seek after this Borderlands 2 PC download. Idem, may need to hang tight for the 3. Obviously, the coop is exceptionally fun! Very prescribed with a group of companions who realize how to take as much time as necessary and exchange. On the off chance that it is to wind up with folks who dependably proceed without giving others a chance to deal with their plunder. Without treating them when they tumbled to the ground, it isn’t justified, despite any potential benefits. Note in passing that Gearbox has completely destroyed the aggressive multi! Above all, duels for the plunder, which contacts me one with an excellent leg.

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