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Batman, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Indiana Jones numerous licenses of this sort have been misused by the firm LEGO The Lord of the Rings PC game. It is currently Peter Jackson’s three movies, themselves dependent on Tolkien’s celebrated books, which are adjusted. The planning is likewise flawless since we are, should we recall, not exactly a month of the arrival of the Hobbit! New movie by a similar chief, telling the young people of Bilbo Baggins. In any case, here, it is the undertakings of Frodo, Sam, Aragorn, Legolas, Gandalf and the others in Middle Earth that are report. Correspondingly, designers Traveler’s Tales having conscientiously followed the story string of The Community of the Ring.

LEGO The Lord of the Rings Game

LEGO world

On the way, the player will find Pierre à la carte, a kind of statues allowing to fill a map of the place of various indications! Giving especially the possibility of teleport to an already known point in Middle Earth. On the other hand, thanks to this map accessible at any time, we can redo the missions in free mode or in scenario mode! Choose any point of destination, to which we will then be guided by the transparent bricks appearing on the map. Practice not to get lost in these environments sometimes a little vast. This Download LEGO The Lord of the Rings gives the opportunity to discover or rediscover the movies by reliving their main scenes in Lego version.

Defeat Sauron

The path to the next mission advancing the story is indicated by a series of small LEGO The Lord of the Rings PC Game levitating in the air. Just follow them and arrive at the last one to trigger a cinematic about the scenario. Scattered in the sets, statues call Pierre à la carte give access to the map of the world. It is also possible to travel in a flash. On the map are also indicated the locations of the various treasures and bonus quests. The latter, identified by a question mark, takes the form of a character to be spoken to to engage one of the countless bonus missions.

Then it is necessary to catch a fish with Merry then give it to Sam who owns a pan. It is then mandatory to select the fish icon in the inventory and place it directly in the symbol of the pan. Then you have to pick two ingredients hidden in the bushes and finally cook everything on the fire. Later, Frodo finds himself in the game and has to face five Nazgûls. The goal is then to eliminate them. For this, you must first move statues and then light five fires.

The story of hobbit Frodo

For this mission, the principle is to alternately incarnate Frodo, only hero able to move the statues! Sam, who can temporarily repel the Nazgûls by hitting them. However, Frodo finds himself too close to a Nazgûl, he falls to the ground. Similarly, the screen flirts exactly like in the scene of the film The Community of the Ring. The player must then stuff a key so that Frodo finds the strength to get up and continue.

Once the fires are on, it is necessary to recover torches, ignite them and finally fire the Nazgûls, one after the other. Punctuated by some of the musical themes borrowed from Peter Jackson’s films, this mission is rather fun. It is even more fun when a second player joins the adventure. Like LEGO, the split screen is dynamic! After that, is to say that the screen is separated in two by a line that moves according to the position of the characters on the screen.

The epic story

The advantage is that the heroes can move away a lot from each other. The disadvantage is that the line of partition of the screen moves often. Sometimes violently, which can destabilize a little players. That said, the two man game is so nice that it is possible to collaborate between partners! Aragorn is able to launch Gimli, so that it reaches a platform locate in height for example. In the end, Download The LEGO Lord of the Rings displays so many aesthetic and technical qualities. Without forgetting a ton of surprises and nice ideas that it should be one of the essential games to find its place under the Christmas tree!

LEGO The Lord of the Rings Download

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