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All the more formally spoke to in computer games since the mid 2000s! Dakar 18 Free PC will return this year on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC as an off-road hustling game whose open world showcases! The aspiration to be one of the best at any point made in a computer game. Here is a delightful contention. We can not accuse the individuals who don’t follow motorsport to imagine that the Dakar is as yet occurring in Africa! The convention attack Amaury Sport Organization has in reality been ousted to South America since 2009 for reasons security. While never disposing of its name of Senegalese capital. It was from Lima, Peru, that the 525 members took off on January sixth with the objective of showing up first at Cordoba in Argentina! The last stage following 15 days of hustling.

Dakar 18 Download

Navigational driving

Dakar 18 is being developed by the Portuguese studio Bigmoon Entertainment, which may have won its most mainstream contract here. The studio currently only has titles like Demons Age, Alekhine’s Gun and Lichdom Battlemage on its CV. And if Bigmoon Entertainment had previously worked on racing games like WRC 5 and MotoGP 15. Only responsible for graphics resources. We are confident that Dakar 18 will faithfully reproduce the Dakar experience in a video game, said Paulo J. Games, the director of the game. In short, what should we expect? Well, Dakar 18 will be an opus as realistic as it is complex. The vehicles and drivers of the 2018 Dakar will be faithfully reproduced.

Huge area to explore

Before we sit down in one of the established racing seats and gamble on the PC version or grab the controller of the PS4 variant! Studio boss Paulo Gomes greeted us and immediately made it clear that they are planning something completely new with Dakar 18. Dirt Rally, WRC or Sebastien Loeb Rally are great games, but the rallies are just going down a set route without tugging! The sides that would not suit Dakar, so we’ll go another way. He tells us that the stages are completely open areas where you have to navigate yourself.

Sure, you have in the car or in the truck, a passenger who read the road book! Whether you take in the car, truck, quad or on the seat of a motorcycle, you have to look for the way yourself. For this they used real roadbooks of the Dakar Rally. Put them together with a veteran of the racing series. In these books you can find rough pictures of the area, the info on how many miles you drive. The place shown and how many degrees you have to align your vehicle to get in the direction of the next waypoint.

Bikes, trucks, cars, quads

In any case, we recommend even racing game professionals at the beginning of the rookie mode! Because, you can disguise well without exercise in the correct reading of the road book here and the orientation loses. In this case it helps to get up a dune and see if another rider is nearby or you can reset to the last waypoint. This work on the PC in seconds, on the PS4 but the loading time was quite long. On the normal PC Dakar 18 download runs by the way with 30 to 40 frames per second and on the Pro with 60.

Of course, on the PC you have even more fps available. In the two player split screen mode, the frame rate is a bit lower, but fluid at all times during our hands on. For the multiplayer races whether online or offline the Big Moon Studios! Also exceptionally waive their claim to represent the Rally Dakar as realistic as possible, since you start here not with a time delay. But together with the other teammates. According to Paulo Gomes, there should be a lot of setting options online, which vehicles are allow or which rules are use in general.


Experience and challenge

But speaking of driving Dakar plays in the areas of Peru, Bolivia and Argentina really good and understandable! But is also not as simulation driven as, for example, a dirt rally. Both beginners and professionals or rather both funvracers and sim fans will get along well with the handling. Maybe it’s a bit crunchy for the arcade people and a bit too easy for the sim racers. Playfully the title will probably be fun for both camps. The claim of Dakar 18 Free game is also very clear in the navigation! Although one notices that players with sim experience something in the advantage are. Especially when it comes to estimating the performance of the car or the pitfalls of the areas and some driving maneuvers.

Dakar 18 Download

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