Scarface The World Is Yours PC Game Free Download Latest Version

The game starts with the film’s final scene in 1983; The Bolivian Cartel raiding Tony’s Mansion. Instead of dying, Tony kills the assassin that killed him in the film, the Skull. Tony then fights his way through his mansion, where a number of his henchmen are gunned down along with explosions rock around the mansion made by Antonio. Tony then battles his way through the underground to his pool to escape his awaiting car, the Ambassador, but the exit is blown up by a bazooka. Tony struggles his way around the mansion, witnessing his tiger consume Jose, and is almost killed but the police and S.W.A.T who arrive and wipe out the remaining assassins. Tony escapes, barely living, and a living assassin informs Sosa that Tony’s empire is ruined over a phone call.

System Requirements of Scarface The World Is Yours

Before beginning Scarface The World Is Yours Free Download ensure your PC meets minimum system requirements.


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