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Only because Call of Duty: Modern Warfare struck a problem does not mean it can not be fine about it. Following a recent upgrade, a great deal of gamers are seeing the sport state”please install multiplayer.” This occurs when multiplayer was working fine before. If the backup of Modern Warfare states”please put in multiplayer,” here is what you could do to repair it.

Please put in multiplayer error message | The best way to Repair

“Please put in multiplayer” is a error message which pops up when you have not installed all the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare data packs. This mistake seems linked to this game’s recent upgrade, which was supplied to gamers as two different downloads — just one automatic patch and a single distinct information bunch.

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In the event the match is requesting that you simply install multiplayer, then you are missing Info Bundle 1. The message appeared soon after the game introduced, but fresh reports demonstrate it emerging after the latest upgrade. In addition, it requires you to get an extra data bunch, although the limitation download installs the upgrade itself.


Regrettably, the data pack does not install together with the patch. It pops up when picking game modes. You will see the”please put in multiplayer” message if you attempt to go online but do not possess the multiplayer data bunch installed.

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Yes, it is somewhat bothersome. And the information pack is a download. But worst of all is that Modern Warfare occasionally gets stuck onto a display saying”Fetching match installs” after downloading the information pack. You will want to restart the match if this occurs.

However, at least Call of Duty: Modern Warfare requests well. The”please put in multiplayer” message is just a friendly reminder to set up the newest data pack after the April 28, 2020 upgrade. It may take some time — and consume more of your hard disk space — but it will not be long until you are ready to leap back into online games.

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