How To Get Vanilluxe In Pokémon Sword And Shield Doesn’t Have To Be Hard.


Vanilluxe is an Ice-type Pokémon in Sword and Shield. They are weak against war, Rock, Steel, and Fire-types. Vanilluxe will have the Ice Body, Snow Warning, and Weak Armor abilities.

How To Get Vanilluxe In Pokémon Sword And Shield Doesn’t Have To Be Hard.


Vanilluxe cannot be fixed in the wild in Sword and Shield. To get this Pokémon, you will need to find a Vanillite, and evolve it into Vanilluxe. The good gossip is that Vanillite is a pretty common spawn in some areas of the game.

The best place to find Vanillite is in Bridge Field during hoary weather, where it can be an overworld spawn, or in East Lake Axewell during a Snowstorm. Vanillite will evolve into Vanillish at Level 35, and Vanillish will evolve into Vanilluxe at Level 47.


Vanilluxe Stats

Total 535
HP 71
Attack 95
Defense 85
Special Attack 110
Special Defense 95
Speed 79


From Leveling Up

Lvl Move Class
1 Weather Ball Special
1 Icicle Crash Physical
1 Freeze-Dry Special
1 Astonish Physical
1 Harden Status
1 Taunt Status
1 Mist Status
12 Icy Wind Special
16 Avalanche Physical
20 Hail Status
24 Icicle Spear Physical
28 Uproar Special
32 Acid Armor Status
38 Mirror Coat Special
44 Ice Beam Special
52 Blizzard Special
60 Sheer Cold Special

From TMs

TM08 Hyper Beam Special
TM09 Giga Impact Physical
TM17 Light Screen Status
TM20 Self-Destruct Physical
TM21 Rest Status
TM24 Snore Special
TM25 Protect Status
TM27 Icy Wind Special
TM31 Attract Status
TM33 Rain Dance Status
TM35 Hail Status
TM37 Beat Up Physical
TM39 Facade Physical
TM44 Imprison Status
TM46 Weather Ball Special
TM51 Icicle Spear Physical
TM64 Avalanche Physical
TM76 Round Special

From TRs

TR05 Ice Beam Special
TR06 Blizzard Special
TR20 Substitute Status
TR26 Endure Status
TR27 Sleep Talk Status
TR35 Uproar Special
TR37 Taunt Status
TR42 Hyper Voice Special
TR46 Iron Defense Status
TR70 Flash Cannon Special
TR83 Ally Switch Status


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