Dead by Daylight Hotfix Update 1.92 Patch Notes 3.7.2

Behavior Interactive today published a new Hotfix Update for Dead from Daylight. We’ve got all information regarding this hotfix patch on May 12th.

The Dead by Daylight Update 1.92 can now be downloaded and installed. This hotfix update just contains bug fixes.


Dead by Daylight Patch Notes 1.92 — Update 3.7.2

  • 1-Fixed an issue that caused Killers or Survivors to be stuck in a diminished pallet location.
  • 2-Fixed an issue that caused the user to be adhered when hooking or unhooking a Survivor.
  • 3-Fixed an issue that caused Meg to fly off the hook after being hooked a second time at the Tutorial.
  • 4-The Cannibal: Fixed an issue that caused the chainsaw SFX to remain active after ruining a pallet.
  • 5-Fixed a problem that led to the Entity Blockers to be invisible and don’t have any smoke VFX after vaulting through a window 3 times.
  • 6-The Nurse: Fixed a problem that caused the Nurse to be unable to float in most of the Chapel.
  • 7-Fixed a problem that led to the animation of this Hillbilly’s chainsaw assault to display incorrectly when hitting a wallsocket.
  • 8-Fixed an issue that caused Stalking as Ghost Face and revealing Ghost Face as a Survivor to become difficult when hiding in tall grass.
  • 9-Fixed a problem that caused the Undetectable status to activate as soon as the Killer stopped moving when using the perk Insidious.
  • 10-Fixed a problem that caused the Offerings on the offering screen to be exhibited smaller.
  • 11-Fixed a problem that caused some generators to be not able to be ruined by the Killer from specific angles.
  • 12-The Nightmare: Fixed a problem that caused Pallet remains to not be cleared when the Nightmare puts down a Dream Pallet.
  • 13-Fixed an issue that caused the perk Head-On to deactivate if a different Survivor is grabbed from a locker.
  • 14-Fixed a problem that caused the Huntress’ hatchets’ addon on-hit effects not to work.
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