Fortnite Doomsday event countdown reveals Season 2 end date and time

Fortnite currently comes with an official countdown to the forthcoming end-of-season event in-game, confirming Saturday, May 30 as the date for the Doomsday event.

Each Season of Fortnite generally attempts to go out with a bang, and escapes and teases happen to be foreshadowing the big’Doomsday’ event ending Season two.

Although data miners were able to provide their best guesses for if it would be, and what exactly will occur, the countdown now confirms it.

What is the Doomsday Event?

While we now know when the event will take place, there still remains the question of what’s going to happen.

The most common concept currently is the map, or part of it, will flooding.

Many players are convinced that there’ll be some kind of water motif in Chapter 2, Season 3, since the large leak a couple of weeks ago indicated .

The same leak also claimed that there’ll be a rideable shark vehicle in another season, as well as the capability to place materials on fire.

So, the Doomsday event might be a total or partial flooding of this Fortnite map — or something else completely. Now, it is impossible to say for sure. We only need to wait until Saturday, May 30.

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