Fortnite update v12.61

The will launch on all platforms at 2:00 am on Tuesday, May 26.

We don’t know everything that the patch will bring, but we have some guesses. Here’s what to expect in tomorrow’s Fortnite upgrade.

This is, likely, the principal gameplay change that is coming in the v12.61 patch. Adhering to the v12.60 patch, Epic told players that they would be operating on an adjustment to the controller aim aid on PC. They wanted to wait until after the FNCS, though.

Well, the FNCS wrapped up this past weekend, meaning that Epic is free to change aim aid without affecting a tournament that’s in progress. We can expect to see this change go through in v12.61.

Will this substantially impact the ability of control players on PC? Will console gamers are affected? Will this nerf go the way of the last one, where small changed? We are going to have to wait and see.

Via Epic GamesBug Fixes

It’s only been one week since the last patch, therefore we should not anticipate any new or important bugs to be dealt with. The primary issue seems to be the inability to refund the Dragacorn Glider, that was recently changed due to pay-to-win complaints.

Here are a few the changes listed as’Fixed in next game update” on the Community Issues Trello board:

Numbers not changing on sports-themed Outfits.
Unable to refund Dragacorn Glider.
More Doomsday Event documents
We can expect some more Doomsday occasion files to be added to the game following this patch, but the majority of these will, likely, be encrypted.

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