Predator Hunting Grounds Hotfix Update 1.05 Patch Notes

Sony and IllFonic have launched a new hotfix update for Predator: Hunting Grounds. We have the full patch notes with this update on April 27th.

This upgrade only fixes some bugs in the game, there aren’t any new events or content.

  • General

    • 1-Fixed an issue where some customization things would continue to be marked as fresh even after the player has collaborated with the item
    • 2-Fixed a problem where AI wouldn’t respond to footsteps or gunfire in dedicated host matches
    • 3-Fixed a problem where certain objectives would occasionally not spawn the Essential AI causing players to be unable to finish their objective
  • Maps

    • General
      • Fixed some areas that could Lead to collision Problems or stuck spots
    • Tutorial
      • Fixed some UI Problems That would happen when browsing the Tutorial menus
  • Predator

    • General
      • Fixed a problem where, while in thermal vision mode, the Fireteam VOIP audio bubble has been visible from any space
      • Fixed an issue where the Goal Isolation prompt does not appear after it is cooldown completes
  • Matchmaking/Parties

    • Made additional optimizations to matchmaking lineup times
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