Star Wars Battlefront 2 May 28 Patch Notes

While Star Wars Battlefront 2 may have had its final content drop released today, that doesn’t mean DICE has stopped supporting the match. To the contrary, the studio is releasing a patch tomorrowand we already have the Star Wars Battlefront 2 May 28 patch notes available now!

Release Notes:

  • Balanced the Milestone demands for Darth Maul’s Old Master look, Luke Skywalker’s Farmboy look and Leia Organa’s Princess appearance. The Milestones now require players to conquer 5,000 enemies like any Dark facet or Light side enthusiast.
  • Made improvements to prevent the issue of gamers matchmaking into one-team lobbies.
  • Various stability fixes related to the gameplay of Imperial Rocket Trooper and First Order Flametrooper.
  • Balancing pass on Darth Vader
    • Decreased Darth Vader’s Lightsaber Throw harm from 150 to 130
    • Reduced the values of this Intensified Lightsaber Twist Star Card into 15-20-25-30
    • Lowered foundation harm of Kylo Ren’s Frenzy capacity from 125 to 115.
    • 1-Fixed a problem with the AI’s behaviour regarding Command Post E on Death Star 2, on Immediate Action and Supremacy.
    • 2-Fixed an issue where the”Fight As One” landmark would not track progress when playing Co-Op Missions.
    • 3-Fixed an issue where specific unlockable objects were still indicated to be unlocked through Occasions only.
    • 4-Fixed an issue with the DL-18, in which the Improved Cooling mod wouldn’t increase how many shots that the weapon could fire prior to overheating.
    • 5-Fixed an issue with the descriptions of this Republic Attack Cruiser and the Separatist Dreadnought on the Frontend menu of Instant Action Missions.
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