DOOM Music Recreated Using DualSense PS5 Controller’s Haptic Feedback

DOOM Music Recreated Using DualSense PS5 Controller's Haptic Feedback

DOOM Music Recreated Using DualSense PS5 Controller’s Haptic Feedback

In-Game Rant’s PS5 console evaluation, we discussed the DualSense control, and the way it is Haptic Feedback capacities might be a game-changer for video game development. Through little vibrations, the control can simulate numerous connections, by the pitter-patter of rain in an umbrella into a character’s feet getting stuck in the sand.

When most players have yet to go hands-on using the DualSense control, a few are already demonstrating this PS5 attachment apparatus’s capacity utilizing many mods. 1 individual revealed the Haptic Feedback about the DualSense could be used to reestablish the audio from DOOM.


In their movie, YouTube consumer Kenneth took a DualSense PS5 control and delivered sound signals to the device, employing a Reddit strategy. Individuals who got their hands on a DualSense controller ancient found the system corrects its vibration dependent on a sound signal’s pitch and tone. Essentially, the DualSense can recreate the ideal song when the parameters were suitable.


Kenneth discovered at Doom’s Gate by the DOOM (2016) soundtrack has been the ideal match with this particular DualSense PS5 controller diversion. They place the control in addition to a cardboard box to increase the sounds of their Haptic Feedback along with the unmistakable rumble of this hellish music comes through quite well.

Even though this is a really cool demonstration of how the Haptic Feedback from the DualSense controller may operate, it is uncertain what the practical applications may be. At the moment, there’s just a small sample size of games that were designed particularly for the DualSense control, and several of them are concentrated on more immersion-based software. However, if recreating sound is obviously potential, then there might be a few ways that programmers can utilize the DualSense that players do not yet realize.

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