Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition Launch Trailer Highlights New Vergil Content

Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition Launch Trailer Highlights New Vergil Content

Just a few hours remain before the next console generation begins with the launch of the Xbox Series X, which means only a couple of hours before Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition brings a load of next-gen upgrades and new articles to the hit 2019 action game. To mark the event, Capcom has released the launching trailer for the new version, which focuses on its main attraction, the ability to play as Dante’s katana-wielding twin brother, Vergil.

At over four and a half an hour long, the trailer has a lot to show. Most of it covers ground that will be familiar to fans, reusing scenes in the campaign, but it does offer a few glimpses of fresh cutscenes showing where Vergil is in the start of DMC 5’s story and what is motivating him. It needs to be said, however, the trailer touches upon a few MAJOR SPOILERS, so anyone intending on entering DMC 5 blind together with the Special Edition may want to skip it.


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Outside of the story, the trailer also has new footage of Vergil’s gameplay, which will be familiar to anyone who played with him in the Special Editions of earlier DMC games, notably Devil May Cry 4. Vergil will sport his customary 3 weapons, including the Yamato, Beowulf, and Force Edge (currently called Mirage Edge), along with the”immersion” judge from DMC 4. This boosts the effectiveness of his weapons in various manners the more it’s filled, and may be filled by either standing or slowly walking towards enemies. At the same period, running, getting hit, and missing strikes will drain the gauge, encouraging players to adopt a much more precise playstyle in keeping with Vergil’s character.

The biggest change to the way Vergil plays Devil May Cry 5 is that his Devil Trigger no more confound his powered-up demon type, instead summoning a doppelganger that mimics his actions. Fans don’t worry, however, as Vergil can still access his demon form through his Sin Devil Trigger. These and more can be seen in greater detail in the two-hour gameplay show which Capcom streamed this weekend.

While DMC 5 is launch digitally to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox collection X this week, Capcom will have a bit more to offer shortly after. A physical model of Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition will be released on December 1, and Capcom has verified that Vergil is going to be added to the PC and also current-gen variations of the game since DLC on December 15.

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