PS5 Download Bug Has an Unfortunate Fix

PS5 Download Bug Has an Unfortunate Fix

PS5 Download Bug Has an Unfortunate Fix

Many PlayStation 5 consumers have reported that the console includes a bug using its capacity to queue and download games and programs. Whenever a user puts a game or program to download, it stays from the downloading queue indefinitely. Right now, the insect apparently only impacts games and programs using a certain PlayStation 5 variant. A Couple of examples of those games and programs that the insect impacts comprise Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, as well as Disney Plus.

After the insect does happen, it seems in two manners. The first shows the PlayStation 5 game/app in question is from the queue and downloading. On the other hand, the download’s progress bar remains at zero rather than moves. The next variant causes a download error to look. Both variations tell the participant to confirm their Downloads menu, which will have nothing inside, meaning that they can not customarily repair the issue.

The PlayStation neighborhood has found a cure for the insect, but most will not like it. Apparently, the only known means to eliminate the challenge would be for users to reset their PlayStation 5’s back to factory settings. As you may guess, this yields the PlayStation console to the way it had been when it came from the box, meaning everything on it’ll be entirely wiped. Therefore, it is highly suggested that gamers back up any information they’ve on the games console into an external hard disk or even the PS Plus cloud support.


The brand new PS5 UI makes getting to the factory reset choice fairly simple. All players Have to Do is follow these steps:

  • Visit Settings subsequently, System.
  • Select”System Software”
  • Select”Reset Options”
  • Select”Reset Your Own Console”
  • Select”Reset”

When the mill reset goes through along with the PlayStation 5 games boots straight up, everyone the games and programs it’d trouble downloading should do so properly when prompted.

Resetting back to its factory settings is generally a last resort to fix anything that has corrupted the device. Therefore it is a pity that PlayStation 5 consumers need to resort to it within a straightforward bug. Nonetheless, it’s also quite anticipated. New consoles such as the PlayStation 5 generally go through growing pains on launch. Some users have reported that the PS5’s Rush Mode does not do the job correctly.

It will take a while to allow Sony to find out what wrong with the PlayStation 5 and then launch a firmware upgrade to repair it. As it does, gamers should not need to be worried about having a last-ditch attempt to repair a bug.

PS5 Download Bug Has an Unfortunate Fix
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