Some Destiny 2: Beyond Light Dialogue Improvised Due To COVID-19

Some Destiny 2: Beyond Light Dialogue Improvised Due To COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a catastrophic effect on the world and has drastically changed the way games are made and played with. On rare occasions, these additional constraints force creative answers, and among Fantasy 2: Beyond Light’s missions is a prime example of how improvisation can yield innovation.

Destiny 2’s most up-to-date growth, Beyond Light, started on November 10, inundating players with brand new gear, places, and missions. The mission to acquire the Salvation’s Grip exotic grenade launcher is one of the most interesting in the expansion because of Nolan North’s entertaining dialog where the participant’s Ghost makes an impression of their character, Drifter. The assignment is really entertaining that few players could guess that the conversation was improvised due to voice acting scheduling conflicts.

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On Reddit, Bungie programmer U/gunmaster95 revealed that the development team could not publish Drifter’s voice actor, Todd Michael Haberkorn, because of COVID complications. As a result, one of Bungie’s authors came up with the notion of having the player’s Ghost, voiced by Nolan North, narrate the mission while doing a feeling of Drifter. U/gunmaster95 included: “Apparently on the first take, Nolan perfectly imitated Drifter and needed to be instructed to intentionally do it worse” The resulting dialogue is just one of the highlights of Beyond Light’s campaign.

Some Destiny 2: Beyond Light Dialogue Improvised Due To COVID-19


The assignment where North impersonates Drifter has a heist-like conceit, which makes the slightly hammy dialogue even more entertaining. The mission also allows players to claim the Salvation’s Grip: a powerful, exotic Stasis grenade launcher.

North has uttered the Guardian’s Ghost since the first Destiny. His voice acting performance continues to stick out from the sequel amidst a cast of many other impressive talents, which has comprised Lance Reddick, Nathan Fillion, and Gina Torres. As the participant’s constant companion and guide, the writing and delivery of the Ghost’s traces are crucial pieces of what makes Destiny two experiences so enjoyable. It’s satisfying to see Bungie’s storytelling group innovating on the surface of logistical difficulties.

While Beyond Light has had its share of issues, for example, possibly game-breaking inclusion of Stasis subclasses, the expansion has marketed well, claiming the top two revenue places on Steam after release. Reviews will also be generally positive, praising the uptick in campaign difficulty and the visuals of the destination, Europa.

While fewer weapons have been added to Destiny two in Beyond Light than the preceding expansion, Forsaken, new content is coming to the game quickly. Soon, guardians will have the ability to handle the Deep Stone Crypt raid, which Bungie’s community director reaffirmed to be led to the match on Saturday, November 21. Because of this, players are scrambling to satisfy the tricky Power cap of 1050 to prepare for the raid.

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