Assassin's Creed Valhalla Has Huge Potential for a Fall of Rome Spin-Off

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Has Huge Potential for a Fall of Rome Spin-Off

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Has Huge Potential for a Fall of Rome Spin-Off

Ubisoft often introduces spin-off names for its matches, placing twists on the center stories they’re derived from doing something radically different. This is quite evident in the Far Cry series, which has seen entries like Blood Dragon and New Dawn, both of which can be departures from their source material. But, Assassin’s Creed has also obtained spin-off names, especially the standalone Black Flag DLC Freedom Cry.

Together with Assassin’s Creed Valhallacurrently from the books, there’s an obvious setting to get a side entry and one that will fit well in line with what Ubisoft has done with its own matches before. And while reusing maps typically gets a lukewarm-at-best reception from gamers, it’d be fantastic to observe the collapse of Rome in Britain through the eyes of a Hidden One.

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Scattered throughout Valhalla’s take on ninth-century Britain are Roman ruins, showing a pile of the society that once stood in its own place, hundreds of years before Valhalla takes place. They are a near-constant reminder of the way the tumultuous connections in Assassin’s Creed Valhallacame to be, with the societal landscape considerably changing after Rome fell, changing the world forever.

The Way Valhalla Sets Up A Spin-Off

From time to time, fans get a glimpse of what occurred through notes found around the map, and while they really do paint something of a picture of what took place in the region, it surely is not complete. That opens a few chances for a potential spin-off match, as players already have a vague notion of what went on; seeing it happen before their very eyes would be a cool nod to Valhalla.


Plus, scattered around the world is a string of destroyed Hidden One’s Bureaus, which can be puzzle areas that reward equipment and are host to notes that provide insight into the events that resulted in their abandonment. Seeing the agencies in their whole glory could be a fantastic payoff for fans of Valhalla, possibly diving into their construction, what they were like in their prime, and also the way the Hidden Ones operated while fully organized, something that fans haven’t seen much of in recent entries.

It isn’t quite the chance to become an assassin from the Brotherhood that lovers have been searching for, but it is about the nearest one can get given the constraints. By introducing the elements that could result in some spin-off, Ubisoft has also put itself up to satiate the fans that want to return to a conventional part in the Assassin’s Creed universe, and it isn’t a chance that the business should pass up.

Why It Fits

What makes the Fall of Rome so intriguing, particularly as it pertains to Britain, is that its significant components are contested. It encircles the late fourth century and early fifth century, so much is certain, but historians do not fully agree about the specific timeline. That is true with a lot of history, but with just how much Rome has affected the entire world to this day, exploring its demise and disputed events would definitely be fascinating to see.

Overall, it might fit well with the franchise and let players see a slice of history they might be unacquainted with. It provides Ubisoft the chance to give fans a return to form without an investment. It could hold players over until the upcoming significant entry in the franchise falls, depending on how long Ubisoft requires discharge the next entry in the franchise. All told, these are all compelling reasons for Ubisoft to offer it a try, though it’s not 100% clear if the corporation will provide it a shot.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Has Huge Potential for a Fall of Rome Spin-Off
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