PS1 Hagrid & 9 Other Classic Characters Who Are So Bad They're Good

PS1 Hagrid & 9 Other Classic Characters Who Are So Bad They’re Good

PS1 Hagrid & 9 Other Classic Characters Who Are So Bad They're Good

The grade of video games has come on leaps and bounds since the turn of this century. Even low budget matches can now present cinematic adventures while online multiplayer provides performance that the players of old could only have wanted. Maybe the biggest advancement, though, can be located in the graphics section.

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While most contemporary games include photorealistic protagonists, gambling’s yesteryear’s graphic constraints led to extraordinary looking personality models. At the moment, they have been viewed as cutting edge; however, as technology has progressed, their jagged borders function just as the relics of a bygone age. Most gradually fade into memory; however, there are a few whose iconic layouts linger on.

10PS1 Hagrid (Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone)

For a game whose primary antagonist is a wicked magician who has dedicated unthinkable crimes, it is not surprising that Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone has a few terrifying elements. Regrettably, none of the enemies or obstacles that Harry experiences during the game are anywhere near as terrifying as the matching throw.

Using textures to supply realistic faces was rather typical in the early days of gambling. Still, the programmers appear to have had difficulties making certain the models’ heads were the ideal sizes. The space between his eyes and how his face sinks to the bulk of hair makes Hagrid select this group, but each of the characters is composed.

9Early Max Payne (Max Payne)

The assortment of facial expressions on-screen in Max Payne was rather impressive for the moment, but none of them actually look quite perfect. Despite his odd appearances, however, Max’s authentic look became extremely popular with lovers and can be somewhat iconic of this age.

Max’s look in Max Payne 3 might have been significantly more realistic, but it’s nowhere near as magical as the first layout. How his face stands out from his low-poly hairdo created for a few funny moments, and having the ability to see it fly through the atmosphere in bullet-time made them better.

8The Person Of Melted Steel (Superman 64)

Superman 64 is a famously dreadful match. It is dull, it is repetitive, and it is nearly impossible to finish. Its only saving grace, perhaps, is its own humorous depiction of all Superman. Given the game’s standard, it is not the least bit surprising that the personality version turned out so poorly. That does not make his look any less jarring, however.

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His elongated face may occasionally seem like it is dripping from his skull along with the curled locks dangling across his brow appear more like a hair-dyeing calamity than real hair. Along with the rigid wooden cartoons, Superman appears more like an action figure that has been left outside in sunlight for too long compared to the hero that most of us know and adore.

732-Bit Buzz (Toy Story 2)

Much of the work went to Buzz’s version in Toy Story 2. His own body’s detailing is accurate to his original style and, except possibly his nose pliers, each one the curves and shapes are as they ought to be. Unfortunately, the same attention to detail is missing in regards to his face.

His enormous, bulging eyes would be the stuff of nightmares, and his empty expression makes him seem like he is either drunk or considering an existential tragedy. Had this been a game created for kids and he not been a toy, this could fall into the realms of bad.’ Given the context, however, it is absolutely fantastic.

6Box-Art Mega Man (Mega Man)

Though regional box-art was rather typical in gambling’s early days, it was uncommon to see something really like Mega Man. While PAL places and Japan both obtained quite a regular box artwork, Capcom handled the North American marketplace to a complete monstrosity.


The depiction of Mega Man on the box was eccentric, humorous, and downright frightening. Though this particular version of Mega Man never seems in a Mega Man title, a comparable variant functions as a guest fighter at Street Fighter X Tekken. It is not quite as odd but remains a far cry from the picture of Mega Man, which many players share.

5CD-I Link (Link: The Faces Of Bad )

When it was initially introduced, CD-i technology looked like it could rival classic console gaming. That idea quickly went from the window, although players got their hands on a few of the abysmal names that used it. The way Animation Magic managed to convince Nintendo to let them create Zelda matches is anyone’s guess. No matter the reason, Nintendo probably regrets giving them their own blessing.

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Even though the characters do not seem too bad in gameplay, their depictions in cutscenes are downright dreadful. Connect somehow appears worse than he did in that the much-maligned Zelda animation and the Princess do not fare far better. Despite his horrible appearance, however, CD-i Link is now an iconic reminder of why nobody but Nintendo needs to be reliable with this beloved franchise.

4Double Oh No (GoldenEye 007)

Many respect GoldenEye 007 among the very best multiplayer games of the’90s. While its gameplay has been top-notch, however, its visuals were nowhere near as striking. The blocky images have been a byproduct of this age over any supervision on the programmers’ part. However, they remained no longer cringe-worthy.

The majority of the character models for named characters are perfectly serviceable, but lots of the match’s Russian guards and soldiers are bad. How the facial stripes wrap around the versions makes for some odd outcomes, and a number of the sharp edges make them seem like they had been cut-out using Microsoft paint.

3Termina’s Moon (The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask)

It is not the layout of this moon that’s awful, but the choice to give it a face. It is downright eccentric and incredibly cartoonish. Regardless of this, however, it truly works. The way it hangs from the skies drawing closer is incredibly intimidating and functions as a constant reminder of the imminent doom that awaits.

Whether Termina’s Moon could be thought of as a villain is problematic, but it is up there with a number of the best when it’s. Rarely are video sport antagonists able to make this ominous tension, and it is rarer still that one can do this by simply present. It might appear odd, but it will help create Majora’s Mask among the Zelda series’s greatest games.

2Polygon Cloud (Final Fantasy VII)

The technologies used to make 3D models in video games have been really much in their infancy around the period of Final Fantasy VII’s development. There is no explanation for its blocky, disproportioned personality versions of this game’s major protagonists. Despite others achieving a lot more realistic outcomes with much smaller budgets, Cloud and his polygonal buddies are more iconic.

Even though a number of the earlier Final Fantasy titles saw success from the West, it had been not before the series’ seventh entrance it actually took off. He can have fewer edges than some set of Dungeons and Dragons dice, along with his arms, which may seem like dumbbells. However, the enigmatic soldier is now emblematic of this match’s success and the effect that it has had over the gaming arena.

1Semi-Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid)

Solid Snake is among the greatest bad-asses in all of gambling. He’s taken on terrorist organizations and spared the world from death and tragedy on innumerable occasions. He managed to do all this effectively without a suitable face makes it even more impressive.

To be honest to Konami, the attributes are there, but their ill-definition makes it seem like Snake’s face is beginning to melt. He’s got shadows for his or her hair appears like a coat than real hair. Regardless of all this, however, the layout works, and its own distinguishing fashion yet only about holds up to the day.

PS1 Hagrid & 9 Other Classic Characters Who Are So Bad They’re Good
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