What's Next For the Yakuza Game Series After Like a Dragon

What’s Next For the Yakuza Game Series After Like a Dragon

What's Next For the Yakuza Game Series After Like a Dragon

What’s Next For the Yakuza Game Series After Like a Dragon

The Yakuza series was operating for fifteen decades now, originating back to the PlayStation 2 in 2005. With the anniversary of the very first game’s release quickly approaching, the group has declared that a 15th-anniversary Yakuza flow which will celebrate the show’s path through time, in addition to announcing what is coming next.

While nothing was set in stone just yet, for Yakuza lovers desperate to understand what could be revealed throughout the flow, here is a peek at the most probable possibilities.

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Yakuza Kiwami 3

There might be some confusion concerning what the Yakuza Kiwami matches really are for newcomers to the show. In other words, Yakuza Kiwami 1 and two are remakes of the first two matches of this series, which have been initially found on the PS2. Though the Kiwami models take some creative liberties and expand upon the first plots marginally, they are finally faithful renditions of their names with fresh amazing graphics suitable for movie games’ PS4 age.

Bearing that in mind, Yakuza Kiwami 3 might just be following the list to your own Yakuza staff to announce. The first Yakuza 3 introduced for the PS3, meaning that it had been two-match console generations before, exactly like the PS2 into PS4 remakes of both Kiwami 1 and two. Though the PS3 offered up fairly impressive graphics for the time, there is no denying that the Yakuza 3 remaster has aged considerably and may use an entire overhaul to appeal to newcomers to the set.

Considering that the newest sport, Yakuza: Just Like a Dragon, functions as a potential entry point to the franchise for novices, many gamers who find a newfound interest in the show might opt to appear back into its roots finishing the RPG. Even though Yakuza 0, Kiwami, and Kiwami two provide players with a pretty impressive visual encounter and updated gameplay, turning Yakuza 3 may come as a small shock, particularly for people who might have become accustomed to next-gen mechanics and visuals.


Formerly, rumors of some Yakuza Kiwami 3 swirled around the Tokyo Game Show of 2020, together with traces from a bunch which the match could be declared there. Finally, nothing came to pass concerning the sport, or some other Yakuza show reveals, for this matter. When it’s in development, it is likely the COVID-19 pandemic might have led to a delay for its name, or maybe the development group decided it did not need to announce something new while Yakuza: Just Like a Dragon was due for launch in English-speaking lands.

Yakuza Spin-Off

Though some belief Yakuza: Just Like a Dragon for a spin-off because of its change to another protagonist, RPG mechanics, and a subtitle instead of a numbered entrance, its first name in Japan is Yakuza 7, meaning it is technically a primary Yakuza series entrance. Bearing that in mind, the show is overdue for a new spin-off game.

Yakuza, for a whole, isn’t a stranger to spin-off names. The show has seen the launch of a zombie match in the kind of Yakuza: Dead Souls for the PS3, along with two Samurai spin-offs along with a cellular game, Yakuza Online, although neither of which have yet to make their way to the west. But it is unlikely that any statements about bringing the latter matches into the west will soon be made since the flow will be in Western and mostly meant for Japanese viewers.

While they await a new principal game entrance that has extended anywhere from a year to four involving releases, the general series infrequently extends stagnant for long, frequently peppering the years involving side matches and spin-offs. With the exclusion of these free retro-styled mini-game Streets of all Kamurocho, the newest major spin-off to launch was Judgment at 2018 (in Japan), a detective evaluation sport established Kamurocho.

The concept of a brand new side-game releasing three years following the previous one, in 2021, makes a lot of sense. But if this proves to be true, it remains to be seen exactly what the subject matter could be since the Yakuza spin-off matches frequently surprise lovers at just how far off the beaten path they move out of the key games.

Yakuza: Just Like An Ashura
Some fans might have noticed that Yakuza: Just Like an Ashura, a prequel match taking a look at the roots of one of those Omi clan’s leaders, has been teased from the Yakuza series’ manufacturer. Nevertheless, these claims have proven to be untrue. The rumor initially started because of what was promised to be a screenshot of a tweet from show manufacturer Masa Yokoyama, who supposedly shared a leave of a young guy and the name’Yakuza: Just Like an Ashura’ together with the cryptic text”Really well. Proceed into the next chapter.”

What’s Next For the Yakuza Game Series After Like a Dragon
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