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Bio Inc Redemption iOS/APK Full Version Free Download

Bio Inc Redemption iOS/APK Full Version Free Download

Bio Inc Redemption iOS/APK Full Version Free Download

Bio Inc Redemption Mobile Game 2018 Overview:

This game is all about exploring each part Of an individual’s body with high information. When you heard a bit about this, You can change anything you want in your system.

Bio Inc Redemption is an Intricate biomedical simulator Where you create life or death choices. Create the greatest illness to distress your sufferer or perform as the mind of a health group and finally find a cure to help keep your individual. Including more than 600 real ailments, symptoms, diagnostic tests, therapies, and other health conditions, Bio Inc Redemption is frighteningly realistic. It will captivate you for hours, bringing one into a microscopic world of epic proportions!

Since the sequel to the global mobile Struck Bio Inc. (appreciated by over 15 million gamers ), Bio Inc Redemption was rebuilt from the ground up to make it the most realistic and visually stunning medical state simulator available. Pick Death and research your dark side by wrathfully terminating victims employing an agonizing blend of ailments and health problems.


Pick Life and you heroically play as a medical diagnostician to spot and treat diseases before it’s too late to your individual. Each campaign is composed of nine cases using four different difficulty levels along with the new elastic AI system that provides hours of gameplay with fantastic replay value. The mechanisms of Bio Inc Redemption are easy to grasp yet exceptionally deep. Casual players will love a fast and exciting challenge. Advanced players will need to elaborate complex approaches to fix high problem cases. It is all about combos and time!

Features of Bio Inc Redemption:

  • Gender Selection with specific male/female diseases.
  • Multiplayer: Pick a side, battle against other players online in real-time, and build your way up the ladder.
  • Sex Roulette: An all-new unprotected sex roulette unlocking exclusive diseases.
  • Cheats and sandbox mode: Use sandbox mode to experiment with new treatments and test theories at no risk to the patient.

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Bio Inc Redemption iOS/APK Full Version Free Download
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