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Half-Life GOTY Android/iOS Mobile Version Full Game Free Download

Half-Life GOTY Android/iOS Mobile Version Full Game Free Download

Half-Life GOTY Android/iOS Mobile Version Full Game Free Download

Half-Life GOTY Mobile Sport 1998 Overview:

The aliens are exterminating Earth using their own powers. Nobody has the capacity to prevent them. Are you going to be the honorable hero within our world?

The major character of this game is called Gordon Freeman. He’s a physicist who wishes to protect Earth from the aliens. Though he does not have sufficient power to stop all them in a quick while, You ought to help him. The participant can choose the roster of the courageous character at Half-Life GOTY. The condition on Earth is truly terrible. The individuals are escaping out of the locations which are under control of the aliens. At this time You ought to find a weapon to conquer all them.

Should you do your assignments too, The humankind will exist. The aliens will choose the hands of Earth independently. If that’s the circumstance, There will not be any person on this gorgeous planet. Bear in mind that just some of your assignments will be on Earth. Others are at the aliens’ planets. You need to go straight into their primary base. There are various kinds of firearms to select. The players may buy all them by collecting scores. A few of the weapons are quite tough to get.


As you want to complete dangerous assignments to receive them. Half-Life GOTY is just one of the best action games of this history up to now. It’s 96/100 typical score in Metacritic. They users of the site also have rated it 9.1/10 averagely. It’s won over fifty match of the year awards in 1998.

Features of Half-Life GOTY:

  • Play as a physicist named Gordon Freeman
  • Save Earth from the dangers
  • Defend against the aliens to be the real hero
  • Purchase new weapons to fight much better



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