Circuit Superstars iOS/APK Version Full Free Download
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Circuit Superstars iOS/APK Version Full Free Download

Circuit Superstars iOS/APK Version Full Free Download

Circuit Superstars iOS/APK Version Full Free Download

Circuit Superstars celebrates generations of multi-disciplinary Motorsport, focusing on forcing that FEELS good — but using a high ability ceiling which will have you spending more hours honing your ideal lap, ready to undertake the world!
Starting outside is straightforward — as a top notch racing game ought to be — but studying the nuances of every car’s handling, and locating the very best racing line through every corner of every track is going to be challenging for a very long time to come. Also, but using the choice of gas use, tire degradation and rushing harm, even just a fantastic pit stop strategy can make the difference between zero and hero.
As passionate lovers of classic top racers that our purpose is to consider that center notion, add more detail through tactile vehicle grip — and modernise the entire encounter with features like internet multiplayer and leaderboards, ghosts, replays, and normal content falls like new cars and tracks post-release.


FEEL the tires meet the road
More than 5 years in evolution, Circuit Superstar’s tactile managing model Is our pride and pleasure which allows you FEEL the tires bite in the asphalt.
Celebrating Motorsport
Races vehicles across several motorport fields including Rallycross, SuperTrucks, GT racing, Eurotrucks, Open wheel solitary Seaters and a lot more.
Pit Stop Strategies
Featuring (optional) tire degradation, fuel consumption, and motor Use; Circuit Superstars lets you choose your pit stop Strategy throughout the race. Are You Going to attempt to undercut the resistance, match The”best” strat, or move easy in your vehicle and have a lengthy first stint? The option is yours.
Online Multiplayer
Dive into especially curated online multiplayer races from up to 11 other individuals from all over the world.
Weekly Time Trials
Every hundredth of a second counts! Challenge your buddies and the rest of the planet in frequently upgraded Time Trials occasions.
Arcade Tournaments
Jump into 6 single player tournaments divide between Rally & GP occasions.
Free Play Mode
Lets you configure your personal offline only races and tournaments.
The Toilet
Customize your automobiles and motorist with liveries, helmets and success parties you unlock as you level up!
Willing Your Engines!
8 Vehicles to pick from, each with their own special handling versions.
I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost
Global ghosts allow you to see the way players across the world are handling every track!
Location Location Location
7 monitors to select from, with alternative routes available. Reverse races arriving very shortly!
Race Replays
Replays let you re-watch your races to realize your epic overtakes or examine your rushing lines.
Split Screen Local Multiplayer
Challenge up to 3 of your mates and skillful AI to single races or create your own tournaments!
Constructed by Motor racing enthusiasts, for Motor Racing Fans
A life of racing adventure motivated us to build the racing universe of Circuit Superstars, that started in Precisely the Same youth house we came back To after each weekend of racing. Our upbringing happened in the Racetrack, from 1/8th RC tournaments across the globe to karting into WTC Amongst others. We have been around the pitlane, the paddock and the racetrack, Living and enjoying the joys of motorsport.


The Future of Circuit Superstars

As a small team of 5, we have been living, breathing & dreaming Circuit Superstars for many years already, and will continue to do so for plenty more to come. We will be bringing new cars and tracks FOR FREE to the game periodically, during Early Access and beyond!
This is only the beginning. We welcome each and every one of you to Circuit Superstars, and cannot wait to share an amazing racing future with all of you!
Wishlist Circuit Superstars today to stay up to date with the game’s progress, and Steam will notify you as soon as the game is released!

Circuit Superstars Free Download





Circuit Superstars iOS/APK Version Full Free Download
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