Super Sami Roll PC Download Game for free

Super Sami Roll PC Download Game for free

Super Sami Roll PC Download Game for free

Super Sami Roll PC Download Game for free

Overview Super Sami Roll:

Sami’s friend Vera has been captured by the wicked Albert VII. Only you can save him! It won’t be easy. You’ll need to roll and grapple and jump to get through the colourful 3D world Super Sami Roll. You’ll be taking a ride through lush green fields, deserts filled with majestic pyramids, dangerous oozing volcanic eruptions, and frigid glacial ice lands. There are many more places to explore with rolling physics and lots of secrets. Beautiful World: Discover colourful and eye-catching environments, characters, and enemies. Level Variety: Play through dozens upon dozens of unique levels 2D & 3D Art: Features a combination of painstakingly hand-crafted pixel art and modern 3D graphics Secret Hunting: Find tons of secrets – including awesome unlockable modes (even a multiplayer one!) You’ll be a master of the game with progressive difficulty.

Madness and cannibalism will get you through the massive crabs, sentient giant icebergs, and swarms upon bats. The old black ocean is calling, and those who dare to sail her bravely will find plenty of loot. This is a deep and compelling world filled with 350,000+ words worth of stories and secrets. Find the bones of your father. Decide London’s fate. Defy the gods and the deep sea—transfer resources from one generation of your family to the next. Afford a family home and hoard of heirlooms. Create a legacy of sailors that braved the sea and sometimes won. Your crew will soon grow scared and lose their sanity if they spend too much time on the dark, wide sea.

Super Sami Roll Free Download:

  1. Customize your character.
  2. Explore colourful
  3. multiplayer one

System requirements

1:: Operating System:: Windows XP/7/8/8./10.
2:: Processor: Intel Core i3 or equivalent
3 :: Ram :: 4 GB RAM
4:: DirectX: Version 11
5 :: Graphics:: GeForce GTX 760
6 :: Space Storage:: 2 GB space





Super Sami Roll PC Download Game for free
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