Bungie is Hiring to Bring Destiny to TV and Movies

Bungie is Hiring to Bring Destiny to TV and Movies

Bungie is Hiring to Bring Destiny to TV and Movies

Bungie appears to be making the most of the fact that it is now the largest company in the world.DestinyAfter Activision’s split several years back, and the series is now fully owned by and managed by the developer. Bungie wants to join the growing group of AAAE developers who bring games to TV and film with plans to continue the story and lore of destiny; many new projects will place you at the center of attention.

The developer posted a job posting looking for a Senior Executive, Development. This position also has a “Film, TV, Transmedia” specification, which means that the person who fills it will organize a multimedia series of content around the franchise’s narrative.

Bungie states in the job description that the position will be held by an executive who will “drive projects to extend the Destiny brand into new categories such as TV, movies, comics, and audio formats.” While the TV and film projects might be the most popular, Bungie appears to be keen to reach as many people as possible to bring new content about Destiny to all media. Many of these formats are not new to gaming, like comics and books. Many classic franchises have graphic novels or comic adaptations. These can also be used in animated and live-action films that revolve around existing IPs.

The listing mentions the Destiny Universe Leadership Team and the Creative Director, who will oversee the expansion of the franchise’s universe. Bungie already has a lot of Destiny lore to draw from, so there is plenty of material to choose from to help develop the multimedia push. Fans of the series, and those who have spent the time to learn the lore, should be pleased to see the new adaptations.

Bungie had a long history of expanding games into the multimedia territory, even before the company decided to keep development updates on Destiny, its primary function. Bungie has a history of success, with many Bungie-produced books, films, and miniseries centered on the Halo series being favorites. Fans can be as excited about a Destiny book series or animation if the developer is passionate about it with other IPs.

Bungie is Hiring to Bring Destiny to TV and Movies
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