Notes for Overwatch Experimental Creator Cards

Notes for Overwatch Experimental Creator Cards

Notes for Overwatch Experimental Creator Cards

Notes for Overwatch Experimental Creator Cards

Overwatch’s new set of experimental creator cards has yet to arrive in the game, but we already know what changes will be made. Jake Lyon, Overwatch’s pro, revealed that he would be responsible for the next set of changes. We can’t wait until we get to test the new patch.


  • Configuration: Sentry Mode disabled.
  • Configuration: The size of the recon clip has been increased to 100. Maximal spread reduced by 20%
  • Reduced model size by 15%
  • Primary fire can no longer cancel self-repair.
  • During Bastion’s final, Configuration: tank, the normal crosshair is available.


  • A new passive is now available, allowing players to reduce their cooldown by one second if they don’t hit an ability.
  • Seismic Slam can be canceled after a brief delay


  • Passive glide speed has increased by 15%
  • Echo receives a passive called “Assimilation,” which instantly heals Echo for 30% of her missing health. Copy still uses this passive.


  • Swift Strike now has two charges. Eliminations are refunded one dash each, casting ult is refunded one. Swift Strike damage was decreased to 30.
  • Reduced Dragonblade Duration by 50%
  • Dragonblade now grants a 40% increase in attack speed


  • Dragonstrike’s dragons spawn immediately
  • Storm Arrow has been deleted. A new ability has been created that gives a status buff for six seconds and a cooldown time of 14 seconds. These status effects include a reduced cooldown, storm bow charging penalty removal, and increased storm bow charge speed.


  • Footstep audio removed.
  • RIP-Tire can jump off walls and climb them.


  • Ice Wall boosts players like Baptiste’s leap.
  • Increased collision size of Cryofreeze by 50%
  • 100% more damage is done by melee attacks against fully frozen targets


  • Rocket Launcher direct hits now apply a 25% slow motion for.5 seconds. Direct hits also get Knockback increased to 100%
  • Concussive blast now has two charges


  • Primary weapon spread decreased by 20%. The rate of fire increased 20%.
  • Hack’s cooldown increased from two seconds to three seconds when Hack was broken.
  • Stealth now has an 8-second timer but no audio cue.


  • Rivet Gun primary flame causes enemies to stack, increasing the damage of subsequent primary foci by five.
  • Each stack decays and lasts five seconds.

Jake has created the changes which will shake up PTR. Some of them should be added to Overwatch’s live version.

Notes for Overwatch Experimental Creator Cards
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