Elden Ring Quests added in Updates you May Have Missed

Elden Ring Quests added in Updates you May Have Missed

Elden Ring Quests added in Updates you May Have Missed

Elden Ring Quests added in Updates you May Have Missed.

Many players have consumed Elden Ring content in a sincere manner since February’s release. But did you know that not all NPC quests were available at that time? Developer FromSoftware completed a few quests in Elden Ring, but not before release. He also added new characters. We’re here to help, even if you have completed those quests.

You may have spoken to the character and exhausted their dialogue, and then they disappear. This is often due to the quest not being completed in many cases.

Are These Quests Possible?

You should be able to access them regardless of your progress. However, nothing in FromSoftware games works so smoothly. Sometimes the trigger might not work because you are too far into the game, such as if you have killed an associated boss or a glitch.

Here are some tips if the trigger doesn’t work and the quest isn’t moving forward.

  • Even if you’ve just rushed to it, try resting at the grace. If you do this, sometimes the world’s state will change for your progress.
  • You can go back to the person you were supposed to meet to see if they are still there. You can exhaust their dialogue until they stop repeating it. This update also added NPC names as map locations. It should now be simple to locate the last location a character visited.
  • If you’ve exhausted a character’s dialogue and there’s still a grace, take a seat at that and return to check if there isn’t a new set.
  • You might have sinned against them by locking them, even if they aren’t attacking you. Some NPCs won’t attack you if you sin against them. They will instead cast retaliatory curses when they are hit. This could mean that you have made an enemy of NPCs with a stray attack or spell. You can use the Celestial Dew to cleanse any NPCs you have killed or attacked.

You might not complete the quest if none of these work. Sometimes, killing a boss is enough to make a quest impossible. However, there’s always New Game+!

Quests added in the latest updates


These quests were added to the 1.03 update or have had additional events since then. We’ll show you how to begin them in some cases, while others will tell you where you can go from the place they ended.

Questline for Starting Jar Bairn

Like many Elden Ring users, you may have come across Jarburg, but not found much there. Just off the Carian Study Hall is a small village in western Liguria. It’s made up of conscious jar people. However, none of them wants to fight. They don’t want to talk either, at least not before the big balance patch.

However, after the update, a jar open to talking with you appears in the village. Little Jar Bairn would like you to be the Potentate. Alexander, the Warrior Jar, is another jar they have much to say. Jar Bairn is also connected if you haven’t completed his quest. You also have to include Diallos, who you most likely saw last in the Drawing Room at Volcano Manor.

Jar Bairn will be a great person to talk to. After exhausting their dialogue, return to grace to sit and then return to Jar Bairn for more dialogue. Continue this process until they are done talking, or you feel they have stopped speaking. This quest has a complete walkthrough.

Continued Diallos’ Questline


Perhaps you were confused when Diallo (one of the first characters in Elden Ring) just left Volcano Manor with an unresolved quest. We finally know where he is as of the 1.03 update.

You can move Diallos to the Drawing Room if you complete two Recusant assignments at Volcano Manor or have defeated Praetor Rykard. At this point, he should be in Harburg. If he is not, you can move Jar Bairn’s dialogue further using intermittent grace rests. After that, Diallo’s should appear.

It’s unclear what trigger Diallos needs to push his quest forward. However, it appears to be just letting enough time go. Do something else, and Diallos will eventually have more dialogue in Harburg.

Finishing Nepheli’s Questline, Kenneth Haight, Gatekeeper Gostoc

This quest marks the end of your relationship with all three characters you may not have met. If you’ve completed all their quests (giving Nepheli the Stormhawk king ashes, talking to Kenneth Haight at the top, talking to Godrick at the top, talking to Godrick at the top, talking to Godrick at the corpse), there’s one more part of this quest.

Elden Ring Quests added in Updates you May Have Missed
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