Everything is right and wrong with the Iron Banner in Destiny 2

Everything is right and wrong with the Iron Banner in Destiny 2

Everything is right and wrong with the Iron Banner in Destiny 2

Everything is right and wrong with the Iron Banner in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has the new Iron Banner. It represents a significant overhaul of the mode. Here are my thoughts after playing a few matches.

The Good

The Power level has been disabled — This is great! Bungie seems to be moving away from Power as an engine. It’s no longer a way to unlock new content or pad out a grind. It provides players with a sense of progression at best, but it has outlived its usefulness to me.

Daily challenges are replacing the bounties. Gone are those days when you could grab four Iron Banner bounties and then struggle through dozens of matches just to finish them. The “Daily Challenge” is replacing the bounty system. It asks you to complete a number of games using a particular subclass equipped. It’s simple, does not require you to buy anything from a vendor, and is less stressful.

No more Control+ – Say what you want about Rift, but it’s nice to have some variety within the Crucible. Iron Banner was a simplified version of Control. I liked the swings that Control could offer, but Rift makes it feel new.

Strong theming – From an aesthetic standpoint, I appreciate the push to get players to use Iron Banner gear and emblems — It makes the whole thing feel more like a ritual celebration

The Bad

There are a lot of downtimes – Getting killed in Iron Banner means that you have to wait for a teammate to revive you, and then it can feel like forever of waiting. This encourages careful play and is necessary to ensure that players can throw the Spark without fear of the enemy team respawning at their Rift. However, it will be discouraged for players with lower skills. That could be the point.


Long matches – These matches feel long. The timer is set for 10 minutes, and 5 dunks will win the game. Although it feels like it could be three, four, or five, five is quite a lot. It will be a long time before anyone can get the Iron Lord to seal if they haven’t won 100 Iron Banner matches.

Trying to play objectives is not fun–Going for the Spark puts a lot of pressure on you. Destiny2is primarily a first-person shooter. Most people want to shoot stuff. You can still fire when holding the Spark. However, this problem is present in virtually any online multiplayer game with objectives beyond “make stuff go bust,” as it’s challenging to create a purpose that people want to do more than just the core action. However, to get the Iron Lord to seal, you will need to concentrate on getting the Spark or taking out the enemy carrier. You need 300 points to complete the Orewing’s Spirit. I was at 6/300 after four matches.

The Ugly

Bugs —Players repeatedly spawn, getting dropped at unknown locations, and the timer is extended when you score a dunk, even if your team is already winning. Most of these issues will be fixed throughout the season.

Loading screens between each round— Although I’m not sure what this is, it draws out things even more.

Saladin uses “Rift” instead of “Iron Banner.” “Rift” just doesn’t get the blood flowing the same way.

It’s a mixed bag overall. While I enjoy the progression changes, I am unsure if I will ever get into Rift. What do you think about the new Iron Banner Comment below?

Everything is right and wrong with the Iron Banner in Destiny 2
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