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Skyrim is now ‘Red Dead Redemption’. It’s Surprisingly Good

Skyrim is now 'Red Dead Redemption'. It's Surprisingly Good

Skyrim is now ‘Red Dead Redemption. It’s Surprisingly Good

Ahh, Skyrim. It continues to be released and re-released by gamers all over the globe, even more than a decade since its original release. A real fraken-game.

What if you combined Skyrim with another great game? Red Dead Redemption II. You’d surely get a mega-game that is too dangerous to keep alive but too beautiful to lose. Although I’m not sure about that, one modder tried this merging of games and came up with something that looked pretty cool.

Jackfjdah1 posted to the r/Skyrim forum. He did some jiggery poking to make their game look like a mix of both. Reported that the clip adds Western-style clothing and weapons to the game. It’s done. It’s a remarkable job.


SwordofGlass eloquently stated that “The sh*t people did to this game was amazing.” If you want more Skyrim, you can download this 1500 mods and raytracing bundle. Although it looks fantastic, I’m not sure my computer can handle it.

The Elder Scrolls VII is still in development. However, there’s no good news. We know Bethesda is currently working on it. However, there are no hints about when or what the actual game will look like. Leaked earlier this year that the game would be set in Hammerfell, Tamriel, and will release around 2025/2026. However, that sounds like educated guesses to me. We will keep our eyes open, so keep your eyes peeled.

Skyrim is now ‘Red Dead Redemption’. It’s Surprisingly Good
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