Fortnite: 5 Jonesy Facts That You Must Know

Fortnite: 5 Jonesy Facts That You Must Know

Fortnite: 5 Jonesy Facts That You Must Know

Fortnite: 5 Jonesy Facts That You Must Know

Fortnite was developed in the earliest stages. Jonesy is the game’s face since then. His appearance is all-encompassing, and is a symbol of Fortnite’s art style. He has a chiseled face with blue eyes and shredded blonde locks. Most players are familiar with him as he is a common default outfit in Battle Royale and is equipped automatically for new players.

Chapter 2 — Season 5 finally connected this legendary character to the game’s ongoing story. He was revealed to be an agent for the Imagined Order (IO), and is now voiced in by Troy Baker. Jonesy is a multi-faceted character, he has an extensive legacy and can move in and out of the Island as per his employers’ orders. He was also identified as John Jones. His Jonesy nickname, possibly inspired by Alien, is a tribute to Ripley’s brave cat.

He is Centuries old

Jonesy’s age is the first and most important thing. Jonesy is a long-serving member of the IO since the beginning, as revealed in the Fortnite x Marvel Zero War crossover comics. The constant manipulation of space and time gives Jonesy an exception to aging. Agents like him can work until exhaustion.

Jonesy was a field agent and had to enter the Island’s loop of combat. He also had to adjust things as the IO changed the parameters. This organization was created to place people from all worlds on the same ground and record their battles. Jonesy went through a lot of hardships for this cause.

One of the floors at the IO’s Island headquarters in Impostors is fully accessible from Impostors. The Bridge is Jonesy’s full bedroom. It contains his accolades and memories, as well as an overlapping map that traces his every journey.

He has many faces

Snapshots are one of the consequences of walking the Loop every morning. Snapshots are a way to keep track of how often you enter the Loop. It keeps a copy of your mind and body for further investigation. If you leave, it goes with you.

His Snapshots have played a variety of roles over the years, thanks to Jonesy’s skill and creativity. There was a sash sergeant and a slurp, as well as a conspiracy theorist, zombie, and even a sash soldier. This concept has an interesting example: Jonesy’s face is used as the first Batman outfit, demonstrating how not all cosmetics are related to or explained by the story.

Jonesy can be found on the island often as a character that you can interact with. This is Jonesy stuck between looped or unlooped. He can be found as Jonesy the First (Chapter 3 — Season 3), Bunker Jonesy, and Mullet Marauder.

He hired the Finest in Pop Culture

After the thrilling finale of Chapter 2 — Season 4 Marvel’s Nexus War was over, Jonesy was given the task of entering the Loop to stop people reaching the Zero Point. He is a little naive, but he still follows orders. His genius idea? Hire the best hunters to stop players from touching the Zero Point.


Pop culture icons like Alien and Terminator were brought into the chaos. They did so by defending the IO’s mission. Many of them featured animated shorts that showed Jonesy jumping between realities using his portal gun. This resulted in homages and confusion about why he was there.

His well-made office attire was transformed into battle-hardened armor. He wore Batman’s belt and gauntlet, which reference the Batman/Fortnite comics, The Mandalorian’s shoulder pad, Ryu’s boxing glove, and even a tattoo that is Snake Eyes’ Arashikage.
Clan. His tie as a hairband is the final touch.

He Rebelled Against IO

Jonesy realized how wrong he had sworn to protect, even after hundreds of miles. Doctor Slone was the officer he reported to and was determined to contact Fortnite’s heroes, The Seven, to save Zero Point. Jonesy realized that they didn’t care much about reality’s fate but only about their endless quest for knowledge. He rebelled.

Jonesy became a bit of an expert on the whole operation, since the Seven were often present on the island. He was able to contact Foundation, Dwayne Johnson’s leader, by calibrating his portal gun, and throwing it into the abyss.

They took matters into their own hands during the Zero Crisis Finale which was an opening event of Chapter 2 — Season 6. Their relationship blossomed despite the constant bickering throughout the seasons. They have a lot in common, and both have been through hell and back to support a cause. Jonesy was almost killed for his morality and life.

He Nearly Lost His Memory

The IO is not kind to traitors. Chapter 2 — Season 7 – Jonesy was on the run not only from his past but also from an alien invasion. So he became a cow. It’s not literal — it’s a well-made costume.

The aliens proved to pose a much smaller threat than expected. John Jones, a former agent of the IO was captured and held indefinitely by the IO. He was likely being interrogated constantly for information about their enemies. As the Cube Queen attacked the island, Jonesy was about get one last goodbye from his evacuated employers, in the form a mind wipe. He wasn’t just a quick MIB, but a fully-fledged machine manipulating every neuron in his brain.

Foundation and half the Seven were present to save the island and prevent him from losing any memories of his past. Jonesy and Foundation turned the island around by disabling IO’s gyroscopes. He now lives with the faction in the lush, new landscape that follows Chapter 3. He is still wearing the ragged jumpsuit he was given in prison.

Jonesy offered him Geno to save him from his first encounter with the Foundation. However, the Zero War comics revealed that he was fooled into believing he had met him. They saw an opportunity to track Geno down from Zero Point with Chapter 3 — Season 2.

They both jumped right into the action and are Fortnite’s most famous characters.

Fortnite: 5 Jonesy Facts That You Must Know
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