How To Do Discord Spoiler On Discord Mobile (IOS, Android)

How To Do Discord Spoiler On Discord Mobile (IOS, Android)

Discord is a massive platform that lets you build communities, contact individuals, and communicate with your pals. You may use it to communicate with others via text messaging, voice conversations, and even video calls.

It is a very versatile software that may be used on a mobile device or a PC. In this article, we’ll teach you how to conceal it as a spoiler on your Android and Apple mobile devices if you want to avoid spoiling things by displaying a picture that some people may not want to view.

With the Discord Spoiler feature, you can rest assured that you can enjoy talking about your favorite show without spoiling anything for the newbies.

How To Use Discord Spoiler on Discord Mobile

On desktop PCs, it’s much easier to ruin an image with Discord. On mobile, you’ll need to utilize one of the popular techniques for displaying more options in numerous applications.

Tap on the “plus +” button in the text window

To add an image to your message, click the plus sign button next to the text box where you enter your messages.

Select the image that you want to spoiler

Browse your photographs and choose the photo you want to upload and the spoiler. When you select a picture, it is not instantly sent!


Tap and hold the selected image

The picture you choose should now be shown in the textbox area. Tap on the image, hold it for a second, and then let go to access the photo’s settings box.

Tap on the Mark as spoiler checkbox

With the settings window open, look for the “Mark as spoiler” option. Tap the checkbox to mark it as a spoiler image, then tap the window’s top right corner to exit this menu.

Verify the spoiler image

In your text window, the image should now seem hazy. If it doesn’t, something went wrong, and I’d start over. You can include text in your message if you like, but it is not essential.

Send the spoiler image.

Once you’ve confirmed that the image has been spoilered, email it, and it should upload the image to the server with the word SPOILER. Others should be able to tap on the image to see what it looks like today!

That’s all there is to know about spoiling a picture on mobile in Discord. If you need to learn more about Discord, you can visit our website’s Discord section for additional information on the chat software!


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