Making Hardened Clay In Minecraft: Guide (September 2022)

Making Hardened Clay In Minecraft: Guide (September 2022)

There is no lack of material in Minecraft, and Hardened Clay is one of the essential building materials you will need in almost every stage of the game.

Hardened Clay is used for manufacturing dyed Clay and may also be used in construction.

You will need Raw Clay, Clay Blocks, and a Furnace to simulate Hardened Clay (Terracotta). 

To manufacture Hardened Clay, please follow the methods below (Terracotta).

Raw Clay   

Raw Clay is the first thing you’ll need to manufacture Hardened Clay. You must locate and obtain at least four natural clays. They can be found beneath the sea.


Clay Blocks

After that, you must create clay bricks from your acquired raw Clay. Proceed to the crafting table and place four clays in any four adjacent cells of the 3*3 crafting grid. A clay block will be given to you in the crafting table’s correct side box. Include these clay bricks in your inventory.

Hardened Clay using a Furnace  

It would help if you now utilized the Furnace to create Hardened Clay (Terracotta). Move to the Furnace alongside the crafting table and place a clay block in the top box and coal in the lower box to produce a hardened clay block in the Furnace’s right-side box. Add this to your “ready to use” inventory.


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