Minecraft Guide: How To Tame And Ride A Llama (2022)

Minecraft Guide: How To Tame And Ride A Llama (2022)

Llama is the unsung hero of the four-legged animal in the world of Minecraft! These tough animals will assist you in transporting enormous quantities of stuff through the countryside with little protest and barely a little spit. While they cannot be saddled or ridden in the usual sense, they may be dragged across the map while carrying all of your heavy stuff.

There are several pets in Minecraft, with some being more beneficial than others. Things like parrots and cats do little more than hanging out and offer an atmosphere to your base. Horses can help you go over the map faster, wolves will guard you, and foxes will learn to live with you. Finally, there are llamas who will assist you in carrying your items!

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How to tame a Llama

To tame a llama, you must first locate a herd in a savanna or mountain environment. Once you’ve found the llama you want, utilise it by pressing the use button with your hands empty. The llama will buck you off, so ride it again and again. The llama will be tamed if it stares at you when you hop on and does not pull you from its back!


1. Find a Llama Herd

Llamas may be found in either a savanna or a mountain environment. If you’re not sure what biome you’re in, you can bring up console text and stats by using the F3 key on PC and Java. Look for the biome heading to find out where you are. If you’re playing on a different version of the game, here are some biome samples.

The savanna biome is mainly flat and has high grass and acacia trees. It is found near deserts or plains. Because of their distinctively coloured bark and trunk shape, the trees are the most visible feature of the savanna.

Because of the high elevations, mountain biomes are more visible. There are several mountain varieties, some of which are found in cold or warm regions.

2. Ride the Llama

Now that you’ve discovered a llama, all you have to do is ride it! To ride the animal, empty your hands and press the use button. The llama will buck you off, but you just have to try again and again. The llama will finally be impressed by your perseverance and will be tamed! You should either see hearts over their heads or they should return your appreciation.

Llama Storage

If you wish to be able to keep items in your llama, you must equip them with a chest! Simply make a chest and then use it on your llama while it’s in your hand to add it to them. The quantity of storage available to your llama is dependent on its unnoticed strength stat. The more storage spaces you have, the stronger the llama. You may inspect the llama’s inventory by hopping on its back and pressing the inventory button.

Llama Carpets

You may customise your llama by placing a mat on their back! You may colour the carpet with numerous dyes that can be made by mixing various substances. Jump on the llama’s back and press the inventory button to put the carpet on them!


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