A Complete Guide To Ace The Spotlight Hour

Pokemon Spotlight Hour

Spotlight Hour in Pokemon Go: What is it?

Pokémon GO in-game event known as the Pokémon Spotlight Hour spotlights particular Pokémon with limited-time increased spawn rates and resource bonuses.

Niantic’s Spotlight Hour for Pokemon Go became one of the game’s most popular recurring events in 2020. Trainers will be able to capture the Ghost/Poison-type Haunter of the Kanto region during the second October celebration.

Even though Haunter might not be the best addition to your team, this Spotlight Hour is the best time to get CandyCandy and make it into its final form, Gengar, the best Raid attacker in the Ultra League.

When to let the games begin?

When does it start, you ask? Well, it’s today! *Tuesday, October 11, 2022,*  Pokemon Go Haunter Spotlight Hour is in a few hours. No matter where you are, the limited-time event will begin at 6 p.m. local time till 7 p.m. local time. Prepare to see some Haunter at the second Spotlight Hour of October 2022!

How to prepare for the challenge?

Since this Spotlight Hour only lasts 60 minutes, preparation for it is essential. Things  you can do to prepare for it is as follows:

  • Use your PokeCoins to buy Incense to use during the hour.
  • Clear out junk and make space in your Pokemon Storage Box for all the Haunter you’ll catch.
  • Bring a lot of Poke Balls with you to see plenty of Pokemon.
  • Collect Pokemon Candy for the Spotlight Hour Pokemon to evolve it!

Event Bonus: Double Catch Star Dust

Catch as many Pokemon as you can during the event because you’ll be able to power up your Pokemon and teach them new moves quickly thanks to this 2x Catch Stardust bonus, which applies to any Pokemon, not just Haunter.


During Spotlight Hours, we always recommend using an XP-boosting Lucky Egg. Since Pokemon Go’s level cap was raised to 50 from 40 in December 2020, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to score some easy points.

Will shiny Haunter be a part of the challenge?

Shiny Pokemon are extremely rare, but there is arguably the no better time to acquire one than during Spotlight Hour when hundreds of Pokemon are on display.

The bad news is that Shiny Haunters cannot be seen in nature during this Spotlight Hour or any other time. Catching and developing a Shiny Gastly is the only way to acquire one.

Can Haunter evolve in Pokemon Go?

With 100 Candy, Haunter can evolve into Gengar. On the other hand, you can trade it with another player to develop it for zero Candy; however, you must ensure that the other player is willing to swap it back if you want to keep it!

If you need assistance, make sure to use Pinap Berries when catching to earn bonus Candy. It shouldn’t take long to stock up on Candy, especially during the Spotlight Hour event.

Keep in mind that you can also transfer any Haunter you don’t need for extra Candy. Check their stats by getting an estimation to ensure you don’t swap a good one!

Download Pokemon Go right now on your phones to be a part of this golden opportunity to catch the rarest of them all.

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