Rumbleverse 1.04 Patch Notes (New Map)

Rumbleverse Update 1.04 Patch Notes

Rumbleverse Update 1.04 has arrived. Here are the updates and improvements to the game. The patch notes for 1.04 are not very extensive, and it is the last update before the launch of Season 2. This update will focus on performance improvements in Rumbleverse and balance changes to dive movements. These are the patch notes for Rumbleverse 1.04:

Rumbleverse 1.04 Patch Notes

In preparation for Season Two, we have released a minor update to Rumbleverse. This will address a performance issue and the Dive family.

  • Performance improvements for high-end computers with V-Sync disabled
  • Backend updates deployed for season roll-over preparation

After the Mid-Season Update, the team watched the Dive family of moves. Players have discovered ways to continue the combo even after landing a second dive, which has led to unexpected looping combinations.

We also received feedback from the community that the ground attack feature was fun. Still, the Dive family could be too flexible with its ability to cause long-distance ring-outs. We have made these changes as a result:

  • Players will become invulnerable after being hit with a second dive in the same combination.
  • Players will be in a vulnerable position on their backs if the fall causes injury.
  • This significantly reduced the distance a player is knocked back after the second Dive combo hit. It also reduces the player’s potential to cause ring-outs using these moves.

These modifications should preserve the Dive family as a traversal move or ground attack combo starter.

Rumbleverse enthusiasts should be excited about the new update to the game that will follow 1.04. Season 2 should have more to offer. S, and PC. Visit the website for more information about future Rumbleverse updates and patch notes.

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