Street Fighter 6 World Tour – Juri Master Guide

Street Fighter 6 World Tour – Juri Master Guide

Street Fighter 6 World Tour – Juri Master Guide


Fighting game characters that debut within one title often struggle to establish lasting fan bases beyond just that title’s release, leaving some franchises without characters like Juri who has only ever appeared once (Super Street Fighter 4). Juri has since proven herself an irreplaceable favourite since her introduction.

Juri is an incredible tool in an experienced player’s arsenal, from her powerful kicks and projectiles to her stunning combo potential; now she can help your created avatar reach even higher in World Tour mode too! If you want a tough master to train under then this article provides all of the info necessary for becoming Juri’s student in Street Fighter 6 World Tour mode.

Players will first encounter Juri during Chapter 5 of World Tour. While chasing Bosch to England, you and Juri are ambushed by Street Fighter’s own black widow spider (rather than comic book character). After you battle her off successfully, she quickly escapes with Bosch leaving you wondering when you might learn her style yourself.

Juri can only be seen again after you complete Chapter 11-4 which involves signing up for the Nayshall Outlaw Pankration Tournament – once signed up some new side quests will appear including “A Hardboiled Adventure”, near Nayshall Bazaar.

Govind, who’s investigating this scene, recruits you as part of his investigation team to discover what went wrong with this man who lies unconscious on the ground. Speak with anyone from across the bazaar who might know more; one might remember speaking with tailor about victim speaking with tailor. Speak to tailor, who might recall seeing woman on motorcycle lingering back alleys at nighttime-this would likely be Juri who made her debut with Akira bike slide at England. Now she may well be trapped within your web!

Old Nayshall at night requires reaching Chapter 12-1, wherein a hideout in this area becomes available. Retire to it until nightfall comes along and make your way over to the alley behind it where Govind will appear and fight you in a sub quest fight – though at this stage of his story he shouldn’t prove difficult; simply beat down this opponent until his sub quest has been fulfilled and head back down towards Juri and meet her again along the alleyway!

Speak to her, and almost instantly you will end up fighting her. Be wary, though; she can be much tougher and stronger than Govind, so make sure you bring plenty of healing items as their low projectiles might prove troublesome at times; over time however you should prevail and emerge victorious from battle – once done simply select all options other than walking away to gain another master.

Street Fighter 6 World Tour – Juri Master Guide
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