Are Alan Wake 2 Coming To Xbox Game Pass?

Are Alan Wake 2 Coming To Xbox Game Pass?

Are Alan Wake 2 Coming To Xbox Game Pass?


Fans of horror games are enjoying a great time of a year from 2023 due to new versions of Dead Space and Resident Evil 4 giving new life to two beloved classics of horror However, sometimes there’s nothing better than a great horror sequel. That’s why Alan Wake 2 is in, since people have often believed that the cult Remedy horror title wouldn’t get the sequel it deserves, however after many teasers and mentions of games like Control or Quantum Break, Alan Wake 2 has finally launched in the month of October.

A huge collection of games that are horror-themed such as The Evil Within, Ghostwire: Tokyo, Amnesia, SOMA and many more, many are wondering whether or the Alan Wake 2 will also appear on the service of subcription.

It’s a shame that there’s currently no plans currently in place for Alan Wake 2 to be made available as a an element the Xbox Game Pass, which means that if you’d like enjoy the game right from the start then you’ll need to pony for it. Although this might be a disappointment for those who had hoped for a game that was new to enjoy with Xbox Game Pass, that isn’t a sign that it’s impossible to count to Alan Wake 2 appearing on the platform at some point later on, given that Remedy has a good relationship with Microsoft as well as Xbox Game Studios.

Today, Remedy’s time-bending game Quantum Break is available on Game Pass, having been created and released in collaboration together with Xbox Game Studios. Additionally, games like Control as well as Alan Wake, the Xbox 360 release of Alan Wake (along with the spin-off title Alan Wake: American Nightmare) are made available through Xbox Game Pass in the past. In light of this relationship It’s reasonable to think the possibility that Alan Wake 2 will be added to the Xbox Game Pass service in the near future, but don’t anticipate it happening within the first six months to one year after the game’s release on the 27th of October.

The Story of Alan Wake 2

The sequel to Alan Wake, a Twin Peaks inspired horror shooter, Alan Wake 2 is offering a darker and more than a survival horror approach to action and features two protagonists who explore various areas and fighting various opponents while attempting to uncover the mysteries surrounding Bright Falls, the Dark Place and much more. The players switch between controlling Alan Wake as the main character Alan Wake, along with the newcomer, as well as FBI Investigator Saga Anderson, as they utilize the light as well as the weapons they have around them in an attempt to ward off an engulfing darkness that consumes nearly every thing it comes into contact with.

Alan Wake 2 is set to be released on October 27, on PC through The Epic Games Store, PS5 as well as Xbox Series X & S.


Are Alan Wake 2 Coming To Xbox Game Pass?
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