Fallout meets No Man's Sky in this massive survival RPG.

Fallout meets No Man’s Sky in this massive survival RPG.

Fallout meets No Man’s Sky in this massive survival RPG.


Have you been yearning to experience an epic survival RPG that marries some of the finest elements from Bethesda’s Fallout franchise and No Man’s Sky from Hello Games? If that is so, this Steam game could be perfect!

Bethesda Software’s Fallout franchise remains one of its most beloved franchises, from classic top-down RPG titles such as Fallout to more modern entries such as Fallout 4.

No Man’s Sky was initially met with disappointment from fans when released in 2016 due to Hello Games boss Sean Murray misrepresenting its content; but over time No Man’s Sky became everything we expected and more!

If the Fallout series and No Man’s Sky are among the things you enjoy most, yet are looking for something a bit different, then Forever Skies on PC could be worth your consideration. It offers massive survival RPG action.

At this writing, Forever Skies boasted an outstanding user review rating of “Very Positive” on Steam from over 2,560 users. User richv68 was enthusiastic: “I can hardly believe this game is still early access – the quality of gameplay at this stage beats many full release titles I own!” “Completely captivating; reality faded away completely as I played this game; really glad I bought it!” exclaimed billyclub.

“Forever Skies is a first-person post-apocalyptic survival game designed for PC. Return to Earth following an ecological disaster; upgrade and personalise your mobile high-tech airship base,” reads Far From Home’s description of their title. Scavenge resources while dodging dangers on the surface; hunt viral pathogens to cure an illness–this journey awaits!”

If Forever Skies sounds like something you might enjoy, it can now be found on Steam and should also appear for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S at some point soon.

Fallout meets No Man’s Sky in this massive survival RPG.
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