PlayStation Portal users report unplayable levels of lag.

PlayStation Portal users report unplayable levels of lag.

PlayStation Portal users report unplayable levels of lag.


The Nintendo Switch revolutionized portable gaming when it brought it within reach, prompting many other brands to follow in its footsteps with similar cash cow moves like Steam Deck – though others such as PlayStation have attempted similar products with varied results such as their PlayStation Portal device.

Being brand new, it is understandable that there will be bugs to iron out; unlike PS Plus which should already be flawless. Unfortunately however, some players have reported unplayable levels of lag through social media posts.

Twitter user @PowerstancePino posted a clip showing Horizon Forbidden West running on his PlayStation handheld and it looks extremely laggy. While running around is usually enough to manage with some lag issues, in combat situations lag can prove deadly for your character’s survival.

These videos raise an intriguing question: isn’t this to be expected given that PS Portal is still an unfamiliar device and wifi can often be unreliable when trying remote play? “I fear many who do not fully comprehend what PlayStation Portal is will experience this type of issue,” stated @ItsMrProducts in response to Twitter post; their remote play was often unstable despite 140Mbps download bandwidth, 30Mbps uplink connectivity speeds.

With the Switch, games are accessible directly via digital download or card; remote play merely streams them onto your device – much like when streaming PS games rather than taking time to fully download them, which could result in some form of lag due to unstable technology like this being utilized.

Though Sony advertised PS Plus as being “immersive”, when players cannot completely immerse themselves into the experience, playing like PS1 titles, Sony has received yet another blow as many subscribers threaten cancellation of subscription. Although lag may present issues for some players it provides hope of improvement for everyone else.

PlayStation Portal users report unplayable levels of lag.
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